Father’s Day 2020

Embed from Getty Images Father’s Day is a day to count your blessings. Of having a father and then the transition to being a father. There are lessons to be learned both the easy and hard way. What I have learned along my path to and through fatherhood is to take time to reflect on what me dad did in a like situation.

The first thing that I learned is it is always time to do the right thing. This is a lesson that I have shared with my children. I am blessed by God to say my children do the right thing. Even when the wrong way seems like a good idea.

Another thing that I learned along the way is there is a time to be quiet and a time to speak and yes, even a time to yell. This has been by far the hardest for my to apply. Yet, while I am still a work-in-progress I have started to get this right more than wrong. Again all glory to God for changing my heart.

Also, I believe this to be the most important attribute to being a father,  I treat my wife with respect and love. My children see this daily. To me this is the greatest gift I can leave. I know my children are watching. I know this because at different times each one of our three children has commented on the way I treat my wife.

Another thing I took away from my childhood is the value of doing a job right the first time. This was a lesson that took time. However, after cleaning toys up for a lot longer than it should have taken it began to sink in. Also after halfheartedly raking or mowing the yard and having to go back out it molded me into the person I am.

I am a server. That is the job God has given me. I know my children will do the same when they have a family of their own. It is all part of the handing down process and allowing them to make it they’re own and pass it on to they’re children.

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