Holding the peace

This coming July my wife and I will be celebrating 27 years of marriage. That is something I am humbled by and yet proud of. That said I have a secret, a rather large secret when considering the years we have logged together. My secret is that my wife and I have never argued. Impossible, you say. It is the absolute truth, my wife will back me on. Heading into our 27th year and zero, zilch, nada an argument has been had between the two of us.

The main reason for our non- arguing marriage is that we talk about everything, there is no grey area. There are very clear words which helps keep things calm and not escalate. The other reason is that I find arguing an incredible waste of time and breathe. My opinion is simply not more important than the person’s that I love.

From the get go it seems like my beautiful wife and I had an unwritten agreement. We both just seemed to not want or choose to argue. The reality is that we never discussed arguing before we said our wedding vows. We talked about children, where we wanted to live, what side of the bed she likes to sleep on and just about everything else.

I like most people have been around others who look for any opportunity to argue. When I have been in those situations I walk away. Again, I do not argue. There are times I will present facts which is also effective in keeping an argument from erupting, after all it is difficult to argue with facts.

My wife and I are not special people or view ourselves greater than anyone else. We are just two people who are madly in love with each other and who talk about everything.

By the way talking helps tremendously as an instrument to hold the peace in our house. But that is the choice we daily make, listen, talk, love .

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