The Mandalorian is coming to theaters

The Mandalorian and Grogu are coming to the big screen! You may recall, I posted about if Season 4 would be a movie. We now have word and it will not be Season 4, not entirely but it will tie in, let’s just dive in and piece it together. After all this could help Disney/ Lucasfilm gain trust with the Star Wars fan base.

Season 4 of the widely popular Mandalorian show is said to be six episodes, as in they will be streamed on Disney+. It is now said that finale will be The Mandalorian movie directed by Jon Favreau who is writing the film with Dave Filoni.

Meanwhile, Ashoka Season 2 has been green lighted and Dave Filoni will also be directing a Mandoverse movie that will release after Ashoka’s second season. This is fueling speculation that a Mandalorian trilogy will be born out of Favreau’s movie and Filoni’s movie.

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Fans wonder (for good reason) if this will lead to Heir of the Empire-(Thrawn trilogy), the widely popular books from author Timothy Zahn. Some say it could be a loose version of the story Zahn wrote and it has been reported Zahn and Filoni have been working together.

For Star Wars, the fan base has been less than thrilled with the Disney lead movie projects except for “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” By allowing Favreau space to do his own movie and Filoni space to do his own movie this is a positive step forward.

Two people who created The Mandalorian and began to restore faith in the fan base have the ability to further unite the fans by putting out solid movie content as they have done on the show.

While some fans will be hesitant to return to theaters this is actually good strategy by Disney/ Lucasfilm, to take something that has brought fans back to Star Wars and bring it to the theaters.

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Dave Filoni, Jon Favreau

Fans need to be reminded Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are the right two to be able to pull this off. Let’s hope the Force is with them.

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