Draw close to Jesus

Embed from Getty Images I am not a bible scholar, I am a follower of Jesus. I have a firm understanding of His word because my wife, children and myself are consistent in reading our bible’s. Why? It is a mirror for ones self. It is also a look into the future.

In my opinion, We are living in the days before the Son of Man returns to the earth. Many things both nationally (in the United States) and globally have taken place since January 1, 2020. Let us now take a look and you can judge for yourself.

Then he said to them: “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. 11 There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.- Luke 21:10

By now everyone knows the protests and riots taking place because an African American man was killed. Racial tensions have reached the boiling point and now we have nation against nation. The other words spoken by Jesus are sure to follow.

And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. Matthew 24:11

As events have unfolded from COVID-19, murder hornets, racial tensions, other things have been brought up. Such as a mutant tick in Russia.  One problem, in doing a little digging around, The Daily Mail is a tabloid. Allowing the outlet to fall under the false prophet category. There have been other as well. Just as Jesus said there would be.

Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. Matthew 24:12

There is no way to sugar coat this. There is a lot of wickedness in the world today. From politicians, state officials, police officers, to neighbors. It is only going to increase as we move forward.

It goes on and on and on. It will continue. It needs to. Once God, a prophet or Jesus spoke it into being there was no going or getting around it. There is no fairy tale ending to this venture.

Jesus will take His church off of the earth and the Holy Spirit and all hell will break loose. At this point the only thing 2020 could offer that to God’s people would be no surprise, the anti -christ to be revealed.

This is where we appear to be today. It is time for God’s church to be active! To be working for Him and not sitting on the sidelines being lukewarm.

Praise God, for Jesus the only way to escape death and destruction. Repent, join the living with the King of Kings and Lord or Lords.


Detroit sports are sick! 2020 offers some much needed medicine

Embed from Getty Images To say 2019 has been rough for the Detroit Pistons, Tigers, Lions and Red Wings, is like saying the sun is hot. While the Tigers and Red Wings are deep in rebuilds, the Lions as it turns out are in one as well, there was never an official announcement which angered fans. The Pistons are an older NBA team up against the salary cap which kept them from upgrading the team in much needed areas. So what does 2020 hold for the four Detroit franchises?

For the Detroit Pistons and Red Wings and Tigers the first thing 2020 brings in salary cap relief. Not only cap relief but a lot of it. With expiring contracts in upwards of $190 million dollars, the Detroit Tigers will begin the 2020 off-season (yes it is a ways away) ready to enter free agent bidding wars. Steve Yzerman and the Red Wings will see nearly $19 million come off the books, I do not think Yzerman will chase big name free agents after this season. I believe he wants to see the organizations top prospects develop a bit more. The Pistons will have an estimated $65 million freed up to improve the team.

What about the Detroit Lions, you ask? The NFL just announced next years salary cap and the Lions will have at the very least $50 million to improve a defense that woefully under-performed in 2019.

The Lions, Tigers and Red Wings all will have a top three draft pick in next years NFL, MLB and NHL amateur drafts. The Detroit Tigers do in fact have the number one overall draft pick and because they finished dead last in 2019 the Tigers have been awarded a compensation draft pick, the team will have two second round draft picks. The Red Wings are currently dead last in the NHL in points and have a real shot at the first overall pick in 2020.

The Pistons, with all of the issues they have are a fringe playoff team. If they do not improve they will be a lottery team and looking at a top ten draft pick. The Detroit Lions currently have the third pick in the NFL draft and depending on what happens could move up to number two.

For rebuilding teams draft picks are the most important life-line. Next summer’s MLB and NHL drafts offer the most talent baseball and hockey has seen in on a draft in nearly two full decades. Setting the Tigers and Red Wings up nicely in terms of getting the absolute best players.

2020, offers three of Detroit’s four professional sports organizations real hope for a brighter tomorrow. Of the Detroit teams, I have the most trust in the Red Wings. Because of Steve Yzerman. One of the best general managers in all of sports is set to have a top three overall draft pick and over $18 million in cap space. I believe the Red Wings rebuild gets done first.


Detroit Tiger fans can circle 2020

Embed from Getty Images The Detroit Tigers in the midst of a rebuild are getting closer to competitive baseball again. While the Detroit front office is and has remained tight lipped about a time table there are some clues that point to 2020.


While it has only been a year since the Detroit Tigers have embarked on a full-blown rebuild they have chips in their minor leagues. Solid drafts and wise trades have brought the Detroit Tigers closer to the end. It has the makings of being one of the fastest rebuilds in recent times.


After the 2020 MLB baseball season the Detroit Tigers will have around $50 plus million coming off the books. That will free up cash for free agents. It is a safe bet that owner Christopher Ilitch will give the green light to go after and sign top tier free agents.


Starting pitcher Jordan Zimmermann $50 million is off the books. The $20 million the Tigers owe the Huston Astros as part of the Justin Verlander trade is gone as in the $20 million owed the Texas Rangers for taking Prince Fielder. That is a nice chunk of change.


That will leave the Tigers Miguel Cabrera as the only big contract left. The Tigers boast 5 starting pitching prospects ranked in the top 100. They also have two outfielder in Christian Stewart and Parker Meadows who will be full-time Tigers very soon.


Kody Clemens and Issac Paredes will sure the Detroit infield up the middle at second base and short stop. It is safe to say that after next season Christopher Ilitch and Tigers general manager Al Avila will sit down and take and in depth look at the rebuild.


Should the Detroit Tigers be where they are projected by many, Ilitch will open the wallet and Comerica Park summer nights will be fun again. The Tigers currently hold the #6 pick in the first round of this June’s MLB draft. Where they will be able to add another impact player.


The Tigers will have holes to fill in the outfield, first base Miguel Cabrera should be a full time designated hitter and utility player off the bench. They could and most likely will address those needs in free agency.  Unlike 2006 when the Tigers came out of a dark decade of bad baseball this return will be both swifter and last longer as the team has pledged to keep and not trade their young talent.