The Detroit Lions and head coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn need to go separate ways

It simply is not working. The Detroit Lions have gone from 9-7 and a playoff football team to being one of the worst teams in the NFL for three years now. To put the blame on just one person is not right. However, there are two people who share equal responsibility general manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia. The Detroit Lions need to move on from both.

The Detroit Lions are a product of Matt Patricia’s vision as well as the players he wanted, his coaching staff he hired and the system he put in place both offensively and defensively. Patricia did have help with players and coach’s from Bob Quinn.

Matt Patricia’s Detroit Lions are not even beating the bad teams. They are getting beaten badly by them. For three years running. The broken record is wearing thin in Motown. Patricia placed a huge bullseye on his back in October when he stated “There was a lot of work to do when I got here.”

DETROIT, MI – DECEMBER 29: Detroit Lions Executive Vice President & General Manager Bob Quinn watches the pregame actives prior to the start of the game against the Green Bay Packers at Ford Field on December 29, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan. Green Bay defeated Detroit 23-20. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

Really? Is the the angle he is going to play? Is that the angle his boss (and friend) Bob Quinn is letting him take? A 9-7 football team does not need a lot of work. That is a team that is closer to being a very solid team than the one Quinn and Patricia have put on the field.

I suspect in the coming weeks or perhaps sooner, Detroit Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp will have to  sit down and figure out what direction she wants to take with a football organization that has been searching for solid footing since 1957.

One thing is clear both Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia need to go. That would most likely mean a total or close to total rebuild for the Lions. Fans are used to that. The next GM and head football coach need to be spot on hires. Ford Hamp can take decades of Lions football deficiencies and prove she is nothing like her father, the late William Clay Ford or more recently her mother Martha  Firestone Ford when they owned the team.

For the Detroit Lions, something has to give, again.

At 0-2 the Detroit Lions need to fire Matt Patricia

DETROIT, MI – NOVEMBER 28: Detroit Lions Head Coach Matt Patricia reacts to a defensive call during the fourth quarter of the game against the Chicago Bears at Ford Field on November 28, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan. Chicago defeated Detroit 24-20. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

The Detroit Lions lost Sunday afternoon to the Green Bay Packers, 42-21. That is 11 straight losses, something needs to be done ASAP to save (if that can be done) the season. It is simple Matt Patricia needs to go. After two seasons and two games Patricia’s coaching record is 9-24-1.

At the end of last season both general manager Bob Quinn and his hand picked head coach Matt Patricia was given by then Detroit Lions owner Martha Ford and win or else ultimatum for the 2020-21 season. So far it does not look good for the tandem.

The Lions have started this season 0-2 with both losses to divisional rivals. While replacing Patricia should take place sooner than later, GM Bob Quinn should be shown the door as well. If one goes they both should. For the fact it has not worked.

The Detroit Lions should start fresh. That means a rebuild. Sure the Lions do have some talented players to build around. Taylor Decker, Kenny Golladay, T. J. Hockenson, Jeff Okudah, Frank Ragnow, D’ Andre Swift, and a few on defense would be keepers if a total change is made.

Getting back to Matt Patricia, it simply has not worked in Detroit. Players have been rumored to not like him and do not give maximum effort for him. Patricia has made many poor coaching decisions that has left fans and Detroit Lions beat writers scratching their heads.

In the last five quarters of play Matt Patricia’s Lions have given up 63 points. Let that sink in. Bob Quinn brought in his friend Matt Patricia to coach a team that posted back-to-back 9-7 playoff seasons under then head coach Jim Caldwell. Because Quinn thought the team needed more.

With only 9 total wins to his name and falling to 0-2 not only on the season but in the division it already feels like this season may be on the brink of a disaster. There is no excuse Quinn and Patricia can come up with. The two friends time in Detroit should be up sooner than later.


Why the Detroit Lions should not fire Matt Patricia

Embed from Getty Images While I have given reasons for the Detroit Lions to fire head coach Matt Patricia, I would like to flip the coin and explain why Patricia should not lose his job. While he does make some head-scratching in game decisions at least once a game, he actually has the Lions on the right path.

Despite the disappointment after high expectations, Detroit Lions head football coach Matt Patricia has his team showing progress. It is not the kind of progress that shows up in the win column. Patricia was quoted as saying “I’m always disappointed when we don’t win, I also know that this is a process. I know there’s a lot in play that we are going through, and trying to build.”

The Detroit Lions have had numerous injuries, every NFL team does. The Lions roster depth has been tested to largely mixed reviews. The Lions fan base is up in arms that Patricia who by all accounts was a very good defensive coordinator has that unit playing so poorly this season.

Matt Patricia says the defensive issues are based on poor fundamentals and not the scheme he likes and has the Lions currently playing in. Patricia sights a lack of fundamentals, that is hurting the overall production of the defense.

The Lions head coach is correct on this matter. Fundamentals are a lot of pieces that make a big difference. It is pad-level, hand placement, footwork, dropping into zone coverage, reading the quarterback getting a break on the ball, tackling, taking good angles and other ingredients that make or do not make a team.

Patricia has acknowledged he and the Detroit defensive coach’s need to do a better job. The Detroit Lions players are all backing their head coach. No one doubting Patricia’s ability in the locker room. Which is good news.

There seems to be both truth and traction to players speaking highly of the teams coach. That reason is this, the team has played hard for the coaching staff all season. The Detroit Lions have had the lead in every game they have played in this season and have seen the lead washed away.

I believe Matt Patricia should get another year as head coach based on the fact his team is grinding and hanging in games. The team has played better as the season has gone along, leading me to believe  a breakthrough is coming.


Detroit Lions Matt Patricia does not care about the preseason

Embed from Getty Images Detroit Lions head coach, Matt Patricia has repeatedly stated that he is constantly evaluating players and hoping to grow the team in the preseason.  The scaled back play that was consistently seen on both sides of the ball in practices and training camp were  absent in the games.

One of Matt Patricia’s  hallmarks as a coach is to devise an opponent specific gameplan, especially for his defense. There was no evidence of any sort of that throughout the preseason. That is just fine. There is no need to show anything on offense, defense and special teams in meaningless games.

Patricia also played veterans sparingly if at all. Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford did not play until the third preseason game. Fans and media freaked out. For no reason at all. Wondering on social media if he was hurt, or simply was not picking up the playbook from new Lions offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell.

All of that was false. The Lions already knew Stafford was the starting quarterback. What they did not know was who was going to back him up. The fact the Lions head coach did not play many veterans was certainly  his prerogative.

If the Detroit Lions look sharp and well prepared in the teams first couple of weeks of the regular season, nobody will remember or care about the apathetically vanilla preseason. If the team looks lost and unprepared fans will call for Patricia’s head and the media will say the coach has failed.

The fact of the matter is the preseason is only for newly drafted players, veterans on a try-out and non-roster invitees. There is never a reason any NFL team should play a veteran during meaningless, scalded-back games.

Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn, was asked about his head coach and had this to say, “I think he definitely changed the ways he’s done some things,” Quinn said. “I think he’s taken a lot of input from the players. A lot of great conversations, I would say, dating back to January, February, March when the players weren’t in the building about things that he was thinking about and wanted to get some input from some of the veteran guys. Very reflective. Very honest with himself.”

The Lions kickoff the 2019 season September 8 against the Arizona Cardinals. That will be a much better look at the football team and where it stands.

ESPN votes the Detroit Lions most likely to go worst-to-first

Embed from Getty Images After simulating the upcoming NFL regular season 1 million times, the Detroit Lions have been picked as the favorite to make the jump from worst to first. Ever since 2002, at least one NFL team has made the jump from worst to first in its division every season outside of one. Last year, both the Houston Texans and Chicago Bears pulled off the feat.

When the NFL realigned the divisions back in 2002, 22 teams have gone from worst to first. An  impressive jump to be sure. The NFL prides itself of parity. 2014, was the only season that no bottom feeder went to the top.

DVOA,  simulated the upcoming season 1 million times. The Detroit Lions are viewed to have a 25.5% chance of winning the division and a 39.8% chance of making the playoffs after the extensive simulation.

“When a team declines as much as the Lions did last season, it usually rebounds a bit the next year. Our system also likes the talent the Lions have added this offseason,” the Football spokesman said when breaking down the upcoming NFL season.

“There are more reasons to be optimistic about the defense hidden among the numbers. The Lions are in the second year of a new scheme, and all else being equal, teams take a little step back in the first year of a new scheme and a step forward once they have more experience in it.” The spokesman added.

Ever since the start of the offseason and free agency the Detroit Lions have been trending upward. Throw in a very good, very solid NFL draft and the recipe for success is there.

Lions head coach Matt Patricia, has taken a softer stance in his second training camp. The former New England Patriots defensive coordinator, was brought in to bring a culture shock to a football team that desperately needed one.

Patricia, knew exactly what it takes to be a championship team. Having been gruff, blunt and difficult for players and media alike has changed this offseason.

Part of it is players now know what to expect. Last season Patricia sent clues to both his team and media by showing up late for meetings and press conferences. I believe that was by design to show who was in charge.

This season Patricia has laughed at practices, shown up on time and been kind to media members. Now the team can move forward.

2019 Detroit Lions defense may be one of the best in the NFL

Embed from Getty Images With the Detroit Lions offense learning a new system, Lions general manager Bob Quinn built a defense that is fearsome. Friday it was reported Detroit signed former Green Bay Packer All-Pro Mike Daniels to a one year deal. The former Packer was released for salary cap reasons.

Before the Lions were gifted an All-Pro the Lions defense was set to be a top ten NFL defensive unit. With A’Shawn Robinson, Da’ Shawn Hand and Damon “Snacks” Harrison returning from a defense that finished last season ranked #5.

Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia has put a premium on stopping the run. Enter top free agent Trey Flowers to man the edge rush. Now Mike Daniels. Giving Detroit the best defensive line in the NFL.

Last season there was some noise coming out of Detroit that players did not like playing for Patricia. That turned out to be a false report. Both Flowers and Daniels turned down contracts and more money with other teams just to play and be coached by Patricia.

Given this offseason and the start of training camp it looks and sounds like every member of the Detroit Lions football team is on board fully with Patricia. The media who was a target of sorts for the head coach in post game exchanges. So far Patricia and the media seem to have found a common ground.

Patricia explained his thoughts on the Lions defense. “Defensive line right now is one of those groups- there’s a lot of positions within the positions if that makes sense- so being able to have multiplicity within a defensive line group always makes it difficult on the offense,” Patricia said “It puts a lot of pressure on the quarterback and the center to identify who everybody is, what position they play, and where they’re lined up, that really affects protections.”

What was unclear last season is becoming clearer. Given the moves the Detroit Lions have made they are switching to a 3-4 defensive front. Given the teams top six linemen they can rotate in and out to get the matchup they like.

The defense is a very good unit. In my opinion that was by design. I believe Bob Quinn and Patricia believe the best way to allow the offense to have time to learn a new offensive system is to put a defense on the field that can attack.

There will be many restless nights for coaches around the NFL when they face the 2019 Detroit Lions defense.

Detroit Lions: season review

Embed from Getty Images It was a rough transition for the 2018 Detroit Lions. Going from a steady head coach in Jim Caldwell to new head coach Matt Patricia. What was not mentioned was the team was rebuilding on the fly. What happened was a disaster. A 6-10 record set the team back.


Lions general manager Bob Quinn is going to have to stand before the media and explain why this season did not go as planned. He needs to start with himself. Quinn overvalued his roster. Quinn also failed to provide the roster with quality depth.


Injuries piled up. Sure football is a rough sport and there are injuries throughout the season. But the body count in Motown was too much to over come. The general manager is at fault for not making in season additions to help the roster.


Quarterback Matthew Stafford was awful. For the first time  in his career Stafford did not lead a come-from-behind victory and regressed to the point his future in Detroit is cloudy. 10 years in a two playoff appearances and no playoff wins does not translate well.


Sure Patricia made some boneheaded calls as most first time head coaches do. His defense showed tremendous growth and will enter next season a top defense in the NFL. Patrica’s missteps were not so much that a fully healthy roster could not have overcome.


Quinn traded the Detroit Lions best wide receiver Golden Tate during the season. That is hard to argue with as they got rid of an older player on an expiring contract for a third round draft pick. So that was a good value trade. But it killed any hope of a playoff run.


As the season ended Patrica announced offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter would not be brought back. Perhaps Detroit should look at getting rid of Stafford. Start fresh and really grow the team in a positive direction.


Patrica wants a ball control offense. There is no need for a gun-slinging quarterback when running the ball takes center stage. A player like Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles (who is a free agent after the season) would be a better option for Patrica’s vision. The Lions already have promising rookie running back Kerryon Johnson.


They also have another building block in wide receiver Kenny Golladay. They need to build around these two p[layers in free agency and the 2019 NFL draft. A draft that will see the Lions pick at #8 in the first round.


This is a HUGE off season  for Bob Quinn and Patricia. Quinn must invest salary cap money into impact players. Patrica must nail the hire and bring in the right offensive coordinator. Otherwise, both could be shown the door.

Detroit Lions: actually showing some improvement

Embed from Getty Images The 0-2 Detroit Lions showed some signs of life during Sunday’s loss to the 49ers. Here are some of the good, bad and ugly from the first two games. Also why I firmly believe in Matt Patricia.


No matter the early results the sky has not fallen. First and formost the Detroit Lions of 2018-19 were never going to be a playoff team. I believe that is by design. General manager Bob Quinn has a long term vision and one Lions fans need to remember.


The defense is a hot mess. I will have more on that unit in a moment. Kenny Golladay is having a fantastic he is on his way to being a game changing wide receiver. That is good because Golden Tate who is in the last year of his contract is playing like a guy who does not want to get hurt in order to get a big payday.


The running game is actually showing signs of life. Rookie Kerryon Johnson has breathed a new life in the run game. He should get more touches as the season moves along.


Da’ Shawn Hand, has been the lone bright spot on a terrible defensive line. The unit misses too many tackles and does not generate much of a pass rush. There is still a lot of improvement to be had.


Linebackers have begun to cover pass routs better. And have been solid against the run.


The offensive line has been all over the board Rookie Frank Ragnow has allowed more quarterback pressures than any lineman in the NFL. Taylor Decker at left tackle is the worst rated run blocker. Both are young players who have time to put in the work and clean up their game.


Because the defensive line has yet to find the footing they need. The secondary has taken a hit. No pass rush has allowed wide receivers to get open sooner.


Matthew Stafford who was a top 5 deep ball passer last season is currently #32. He has been victim of the drops. Detroit Lions receivers have dropped more passes than any other team in the NFL.


So based on all of that. The Lions have gotten better. Remember this is a long process. Bob Quinn took over a roster of far less versatile players and is slowing bringing more into the organization.


Other than a questionable use of the clock in week one Matt Patricia has not shown me anything that makes me think the Lions made the wrong pick at head coach. For a team that was not going to the playoffs this season. It if far more important the learn Patricia’s system and find out who can and can not play in his system.

Detroit Lions: are they ready for the season to start?

Embed from Getty Images Given poor performances this preseason. There is a real doubt the Matt Patricia lead Detroit Lions are ready for the 2018-19 NFL season to start. That has Detroit Lions fans feeling unsettled.


The Detroit Lions offense looks out of sync. The Detroit Lions defense looks like it does not have a clue. The Detroit Lions regular season starts soon.


Matt Patricia is bringing a complex defense that is unlike the Detroit Lions have ever used. It is a proven defense. Just ask the New England Patriots. You can say “it is only preseason.”  But the defensive unit has not improved. At all.


The Lions secondary has been lit up like a Christmas tree. The reads have been off due to lining up in different spots on the field. Tackles have been missed as players try to figure out who exactly has who on the field during a play.


The Detroit offense, Matthew Stafford is the only player on this unit there is not worry and/or concern for. The offensive line has yet again looked offensive. The Detroit Lions look like a total mess.


I believe part of it is they simply do not have the right players to play “Patricia ball.” Speaking of Matt Patricia, his team looks bad and has played uninsipired through 3 preseason games. Patricia is struggling to grasp when to use timeouts.


For the Detroit Lions to show improvement. Matt Patricia  must show he can learn from his mistakes. As of this minute. He is not helping Lions general manager Bob Quinn out.


Quinn, who brought his friend and buddy Patricia in to get the Detroit Lions  over the hump and advance in the NFL playoffs has egg on his face as of right now. Unless things drastically change the Detroit Lions are going to have a very bad season.


That would not be getting the team over the hump.


Detroit Lions: Jarrad Davis

Embed from Getty Images A first round draft selection in last years NFL draft. The Detroit Lions have chosen to build around linebacker Jarrad Davis. For good reason.

Jarrad Davis, struggled at times last season. Many young linebackers do. In fact he was taken completely out of third down coverage because he had blown a few passing assignments.

He fought through an early season neck injury. Then it began to click for him. He’s pass coverage improved. It also became increasingly clear to the Detroit Lions, Davis was a special player. Someone who could anchor the linebackers.

With new head coach Matt Patrica, on board Jarrad, was said to be thrilled. Meanwhile Patrica who knows a thing or two about defensive players said he was excited to get to work with the young player.

It will be fun to watch Jarrad Davis’s, growth as a player. The Lions, suddenly have a very good, very solid group at linebacker. They also have a head coach and coaching staff who will utilize the speed this group has to strengthen the entire defense.

The Lions, fan base should be happy. I feel this is the best group of linebackers the Detroit Lions have had since the early 1990’s.