Why the Detroit Lions should not fire Matt Patricia

Embed from Getty Images While I have given reasons for the Detroit Lions to fire head coach Matt Patricia, I would like to flip the coin and explain why Patricia should not lose his job. While he does make some head-scratching in game decisions at least once a game, he actually has the Lions on the right path.

Despite the disappointment after high expectations, Detroit Lions head football coach Matt Patricia has his team showing progress. It is not the kind of progress that shows up in the win column. Patricia was quoted as saying “I’m always disappointed when we don’t win, I also know that this is a process. I know there’s a lot in play that we are going through, and trying to build.”

The Detroit Lions have had numerous injuries, every NFL team does. The Lions roster depth has been tested to largely mixed reviews. The Lions fan base is up in arms that Patricia who by all accounts was a very good defensive coordinator has that unit playing so poorly this season.

Matt Patricia says the defensive issues are based on poor fundamentals and not the scheme he likes and has the Lions currently playing in. Patricia sights a lack of fundamentals, that is hurting the overall production of the defense.

The Lions head coach is correct on this matter. Fundamentals are a lot of pieces that make a big difference. It is pad-level, hand placement, footwork, dropping into zone coverage, reading the quarterback getting a break on the ball, tackling, taking good angles and other ingredients that make or do not make a team.

Patricia has acknowledged he and the Detroit defensive coach’s need to do a better job. The Detroit Lions players are all backing their head coach. No one doubting Patricia’s ability in the locker room. Which is good news.

There seems to be both truth and traction to players speaking highly of the teams coach. That reason is this, the team has played hard for the coaching staff all season. The Detroit Lions have had the lead in every game they have played in this season and have seen the lead washed away.

I believe Matt Patricia should get another year as head coach based on the fact his team is grinding and hanging in games. The team has played better as the season has gone along, leading me to believeĀ  a breakthrough is coming.


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