The Detroit Red Wings select Moritz Seider in the first round

Embed from Getty Images Exhale Detroit Red Wings fans. It is going to be okay. No really. First year general manager Steve Yzerman walked up and announced the pick. Many fans and media were caught off guard. But Detroit picked a very good hockey player.

German defensemen Moritz Seider, is big, 6′ 4″. Seider is fast, his first few step acceleration are well above average. He does need to add some weight and build his core.

Moritz Seider is good along the boards. He possesses a very good arsenal of point shots. He picks and chooses his shots. being a big player he generates power behind his shots. That power will increase as he puts on weight.

On defense Moritz Seider plays a very physical game, he looks for the big hit on opposing forwards. There are times he gets himself out of position by seeking the big hit. With development Seider should be able to clean that up. It should be noted, that as good as Moritz Seider projects to be, he will need time in the minors to clean up his defensive game some.

Being that, a prospect with things to work on, Moritz Seider has high-end upside. He could be a boom or bust type player. But given the success Steve Yzerman has had in the NHL drafts, I lean towards boom.

For Detroit Red Wings fans, patience is needed. I believe it will yield high dividends in a short time. Seider’s game is a mix close to Columbus Blue Jackets defensive players Seth Jones and Zach Werenski.

In the end, I am happy with this pick. Yzerman went big. Because he rarely misses Detroit Red Wings fans can relax. Relax and exhale.

Detroit Tigers prospect Wenceel Perez

Embed from Getty Images As bullish as I am on Detroit Tigers prospect Isaac Paredes. I am doubly  bullish for Tigers young prospect Wenceel Perez who is only 19 years old and a switch-hitting SS. He is as close to can’t miss as there is in the prospect ranks.


The Detroit Tigers signed Wencell Perez at just 16 years old he hails from the Dominican Republic. A solid contact hitter with limited power and a well above average glove and arm makes Wenceel a prospect worth following. Not to mention he is fun to watch.


He will be a Detroit Tigers mainstay for many years. Perez has a great eye at the plate and draws a lot of walks. He will not be in the minor leagues long. He also has great range in the field and moves with good fluidity to the ball.


One more thing to know about Wenceel Perez. He is fast. He will steal a lot of bases. Sometimes he runs into outs so he needs to clean that up.  With a 5 for 7 plate performance July 13, 2018 Perez’s legend began to grow. Tigers fans began to talk about this kid.


Weceel Perez will not hit many home runs. He is a spay-gap hitter and he has lead the teams he has played on in extra base hits. Perez hits a lot of doubles. He will most likely be a top of the order table setter for the power hitters.


A player who can disrupt when on base. Stealing bases something the Tigers do not do enough of because they are limited on speed. 2019 the Tigers expect Perez will take another step forward. Detroit has taken steps the past two years to add speed to the organization.


At just 19 years old he is a talent that comes around rarely. His growth will be fun to watch. It will also be fast. Fans can expect to see Perez in Motown at some point in 2020.


Detroit Tigers pitching prospect Casey Mize is the No. 2 rated prospect

Embed from Getty Images Pitching is generally not an issue in Detroit. The next wave of great Tigers pitchers will arrive in Motown over the next two years. Leading the way is last June’s No. 1 overall draft pick. Casey Mize.


MLB Pipeline last Tuesday released their annual top 10 prospects. Detroit Tigers fans should be both happy and excited to find form Auburn University and top Detroit Tigers pick Casey Mize came in at No. 2. Over some big names.


Casey Mize has the highest floor in the top 10. Standing 6′ 3″ 220 lbs, Mize has the most combination of stuff and polish. His unhittable split finger fastball gives way to a 97 mph fastball and a slider in the mid-80’s. Last season while at Lakeland with the Flying Tigers, Mize added a cutter to his already above average offering.


This is great news for the rebuilding Detroit Tigers. Many are thinking Casey Mize will arrive at some point this Summer at Comerica Park. Tigers general manager Al Avila has said only if he is ready. Look for Mize to start the season at Double-A Erie with the Seawolves.


This is absolutely the right move to make. The team is still two years away from jumping back into competitive play again. No need to rush any prospect. Allowing a prospect time to grown and gain confidence is important to longevity as well as overall performance.


Tigers fans will also be happy to hear that pitching prospect Franklin Perez is sitting just outside the top 10. Until the Tigers are ready to roar again, fans need to keep close tabs on the minor leagues to get an ideal of how good this team is going to look very soon.


For some this rebuild seems to be taking a long time. When in reality it is not. Savvy trades and smart draft picks have actually sped up the painstakingly long task of gutting a team and building a new one.


The Detroit Tigers future is bright and will get even brighter as the team begins to sign big name free agents most likely starting next season to put around their young talent.

Detroit Tigers: prospect profile Kyle Funkhouser

Embed from Getty Images Other than having the best last name in the Detroit tigers, minor league system. Kyle Funkhouser. This guy can bring it. At 6′ 2″ he is actuall one of the Tigers shorter pitching propects.

Drafted by the Detroit Tigers in 2016.  Funkhouser, has blown through rookie ball and High A ball.  Kyle , fastball touches 98 mph. He has worked on his changeup and it is now a go to pitch for him. He also throws a, above average slider.

The thing the Detroit Tigers, were waiting for was his to gain more command of the strike zone. He has done that. One thing that gets him in trouble is he’ll fall in love with a pitch and then his other pitches suffer.

Kyle Funkhouser,  has started this season in Erie PA, with the Seawolves. Many scouts think he can be an outstanding No. 3 starter. He is one reason the Tigers pitching has a bright future.

In just a few seasons the Motor City Kitties, will have a nasty starting rotation. Should he have a monster season in Double A he could see time in Motown next season.

In my opinion, Detroit should allow all of the pitching prospects a full year in Double A. Development is critical for pitchers more than position players. It will be worth the wait. General manager Al Avila, knows this is at least a three year rebuild. No need to rush things.