Detroit Tigers prospect Wenceel Perez

Embed from Getty Images As bullish as I am on Detroit Tigers prospect Isaac Paredes. I am doubly  bullish for Tigers young prospect Wenceel Perez who is only 19 years old and a switch-hitting SS. He is as close to can’t miss as there is in the prospect ranks.


The Detroit Tigers signed Wencell Perez at just 16 years old he hails from the Dominican Republic. A solid contact hitter with limited power and a well above average glove and arm makes Wenceel a prospect worth following. Not to mention he is fun to watch.


He will be a Detroit Tigers mainstay for many years. Perez has a great eye at the plate and draws a lot of walks. He will not be in the minor leagues long. He also has great range in the field and moves with good fluidity to the ball.


One more thing to know about Wenceel Perez. He is fast. He will steal a lot of bases. Sometimes he runs into outs so he needs to clean that up.  With a 5 for 7 plate performance July 13, 2018 Perez’s legend began to grow. Tigers fans began to talk about this kid.


Weceel Perez will not hit many home runs. He is a spay-gap hitter and he has lead the teams he has played on in extra base hits. Perez hits a lot of doubles. He will most likely be a top of the order table setter for the power hitters.


A player who can disrupt when on base. Stealing bases something the Tigers do not do enough of because they are limited on speed. 2019 the Tigers expect Perez will take another step forward. Detroit has taken steps the past two years to add speed to the organization.


At just 19 years old he is a talent that comes around rarely. His growth will be fun to watch. It will also be fast. Fans can expect to see Perez in Motown at some point in 2020.


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