The next Detroit champion

While the Red Wings and Tigers are in full rebuild mode. The Pistons struggling to find consistency and the Lions searching for a new head coach let’s take a look at who can possibly raise a championship banner.

The Pistons: the verdict is still out wether this core group of players can find cohesiveness and achieve the level of consistency needed to make a deep playoff run. In fact the first goal should be to get to the playoffs.

The Red Wings: well documented rebuild (even if Ken Holland hates the word) the Wings are every bit of 3-5 years away from being a serious Stanley Cup contender. There are some good young players to keep an eye on.

The Tigers: yikes it’s going to be a mess at Comerica Park for the next few seasons. But there are solid arms and a few bats. But the immediate future is bleak.

The Lions: could it be the Lions of all Detroit teams have the best shot at a title?
Yes. Bob Quinn has masterfully reshuffled the roster and he is expected to focus on the defense this offseason.

If the team lands Matt Patricia (as expected) this team will be a serious contender. Following the Lions starting in 1980 I’ve never even dreamed of them in position to win the Super Bowl. But they are incredibly close.

Championships not withstanding I will continue my loyalty to all of the Detroit teams documenting all of it. The good, the bad, the putrid.

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