New coach, but next step is critical

The only thing left is to cross the T’s and dot the I’s. It’s clear the Detroit Lions have found their next head coach in New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia.

That is a first. The Lions have actually identified the new coach. I’ve seen other teams bring in new coaches over the years with ease. All the while watching through the green eyes of envy hoping and wishing the Lions would do the same.

Patricia comes to the Lions highly esteemed. For very good reason. Simply put he’s the best defensive minds in the game.

Now it gets interesting. Whenever the Patriots season ends. Patricia will have to assemble a coaching staff. He is rumored to be keeping offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter and quarterbacks coach Brian Callahan holdovers from the fired Jim Caldwell’s old staff and both favorites of Lions QB Matthew Stafford. Not that it matters who a player likes. The coach gets the final say on his staff.

If those two coaches are indeed brought back the focus will shift to the defense. For good reason. Four, count them four, Pro Bowl players on that unit that had trouble stopping the run and was killed by short passes over the middle of the field.

Patricia a defensive wiz will in all likelihood oversee this unit. What is critical is who He tab’s as the coach to run the defensive squad. From linebacker coach, secondary coach, and others. It may be safe to say he will bring a coach he’s worked with in New England. Coaches tend to run in tight groups.

Whoever is the new face of the defense he will walk into a job with some talent on that side of the ball. That has to be somewhat enticing for a coach.

For me this is a big a hire as the head coach itself.

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