Exactly what is “the Patriot way?”

The New England Patriots are yet again in the Super Bowl. Big shock for sure. Why are they so successful? What is the secret of “the Patriot way?”

For starters the Patriots draft extremely well. They get more out of lower draft picks than some teams get out of their top picks.

What seems to be the real key is unless your name is Tom Brady, and perhaps a left tackle,you will not be on the roster much past your rookie contract.

Want proof? The 40 year old Brady has thrown touchdown passes to 50 different receivers in his career. Let that sink in. That’s not even the tight ends and running backs who he’s shared the field with.

So to review. Draft well. Get the best years (first 5) out of a player and when they are ready for a pay raise cut bait and move on. The Patriots have made this an art form.

This should interest Detroit Lions fans as former Patriots front office employee Bob Quinn is the GM and is bringing that philosophy to the Lions.

Time will tell if they get it right. Time will also tell if Matt Stafford is the Lions version of Tom Brady who can stand behind any linemen and throw to any wide receiver.

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