Detroit Tigers: When is a prospect ready for the majors?

Embed from Getty Images It’s a waiting game. Players drafted or traded for. Young players to help a team sustain or acheive success. But when are they actually ready for full time major league duty?


As they swing into rebuild mode the Detroit Tigers wait for promising young prospects to develope into everday players. There are varying results. Some can’t miss prospects like former Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander was ready less than a year after being drafted. Others take longer.

The key to player development is to help a player  find consistency day in and day out. Night after night. They are able to produce productive reluts that help the team.

The Detroit Tigers trimmed veteran players and chose to go all in on a massive rebuild that will take 3-5 years. Pitchers are not an issue in Detroit’s minor league system. Pitchers, however generally take longer to develope than position players.

Hitter’s are difficult to gauge. Simply because they are more than likely to play in the field as well. So they need to learn corners and cut-off routes. For young players the only way to do this is to pay their dues in the minors.

It’s a waiting game for sure. It’s also a gamble. Some thought to be can’t miss prospects do in fact miss. Some little thought of prospects wind up in Coopertown at the baseball Hall of Fame.

Baseball’s a funny game like that.  It commands more than just paying attention to the parent club. But, know what is in the minor leagues as well. Get to know the entire organization. Highly and lightly thought of prospects. Simply because you never know who is going to step up and who is going to miss the mark.

Going forward, I will bring Detroit Tigers prospects into light. In hopes to bring fans closer to the team.

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