Detroit Pistons Stan Van Gundy’s last stand

Embed from Getty Images When the Detroit Pistons hires Stan Van Gundy, he was said to be the guy who would return the Detroit Pistons to the playoffs while leading the charge of more consistent play.

Yet, that has not been the case. Sure the Pistons have made the playoffs under Van Gundy’s  watch. But they simply have not taken the next step. They have even looked lost at times.
I feel the Pistons owner Tom Gores, needs to assess the state of the team. I’m not suggesting replace Van Gundy. It could be something else needs to change. Or a free agent or two need to be added.
Assistant coaches, player personnel, scouting department. Something is not working. Yes. Mr. Gores should look at Stan. After all he’s the guy who was brought in with the high hopes of returning  the Pistons to the NBA post season and positioning them to perhaps something greater. It simply has not happened.
The Detroit Pistons have some soul searching to do. No knee jerk reaction will fix the deeper issues of the franchise. Begin the process and systematically go down a check list. Then make corrections. That process should start sooner than later.
There is talent on the roster. They need to find a consistent balance and go forward. I realize that is easier said than done. But, a billionaire owner should have the resources needed to push forward.

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