Detroit Lions still rebuilding

Embed from Getty Images The Last championship was 1957. It’s all been downhill from there. The Detroit Lions have been in an 61 year rebuild ever since.

That’s not fun to read and it certainly was not fun to put down. That said I believe the Detroit Lions are close to being a model of consistency in the NFL. But being a Lions fan is not easy.
General manager Bob Quinn has masterfully added players in free agency and added both depth and quality personnel to the roster. And now we find ourselves heading into April’s 2018 NFL draft.
Lions fans know the needs. Defensive ends, running back, offensive guard are at the forefront of needs that must be addressed. I feel they will. As guard and running backs are very strong in this draft.
The Detroit Lions are in good shape headed into the draft. Free agency has yielded in my opinion better more athletic linebackers. They are certainly better at tight end. And finally have a solid conerback opposite Darius Slay. Although the secondary was not a huge weakness.
I’m both very interested and curious to see where Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia go in the draft. They are a lot of good options that can help improve the team moving forward. With glaring needs I have faith Quinn will adress them.
This is a great time to be doing homework on every player who will be available. That is what I am doing. I want to know when the name is called what that player brings to the table.
So get excited Detroit Lions fans. The team is coming together.

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