Detroit Pistons: Van Gundy era must close

Embed from Getty Images Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores, reportedly wants Stan Van Gundy back as his head coach. But Gores, also wants wholesale changes made to the front office and Van Gundy’s coaching staff. Stan Van Gundy, is refusing.

It is more clear now then when the curtain closed on the 2017-18 Detroit Pistons season. Stan Van Gundy, and the Pistons must separate. Soon.

When any owner and coach disagree on strategies and personal decisions the end is near. Van Gundy, has one year left on his contract. So it would be no harm is letting him go.

It is clear the team needs a fresh direction. From front office employees to general manager as well as head coach. Things get a bit tricky as the Detroit Pistons, do not have a first round draft pick due to trading for Blake Griffin.

This is a time for Tom Gores, to step up as a leader and usher in a new era for the Pistons. If Van Gundy, is willing to let his pride be his downfall then Gores should oblige.

Detroit Pistons fans deserve more than a coach who’s thinking is out of touch with today’s game. It will also help to bring new fans to the team. In short the Detroit Pistons need a do-over.

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