The Detroit Pistons look to join the Tigers and Red Wings in rebuilding

Embed from Getty Images Tom Gores has been consistent in his expectations, when Gores bought the Detroit Pistons in 2011 he expected his teams would compete for playoff spots every year. With the 2019-20 Detroit Pistons the season having been nothing short or utter disappointment, changes are coming.

Pistons owner Tom Gores was asked Thursday night if he was OK with the team taking a step back if it meant getting more than just a playoff spot and actually competing for NBA championships.

“We probably have to take some chances with some of the younger guys, but absolutely, That’s what we’re aspiring to- something bigger than what we’ve been doing, but I have not lost faith in what Dwane Casey (Pistons head coach) is doing and how we’re developing the players and our future,” Gores said.

Just like that. It was not an out and out “We are going to rebuild,” but that is exactly what Gores is saying. Then came the proof, last night two NBA insiders reported the Detroit Pistons are looking to (or shopping if you like that verbiage better,) trade veteran center and Pistons mainstay Andre Drummond.

Drummond is the right player to start with. The market for centers in bare, making Drummond very attractive to playoff bound teams looking to add rebounding, defense and scoring. The Pistons know full well Drummond would bring in a tremendous haul. Players, prospects and first round draft picks. The Pistons are said to be engaged with the Atlanta Hawks with the Boston Celtics also keeping an eye on Drummond.

The Pistons also have other nice players to sell off, none short of Blake Griffin will bring in talent and coveted draft picks like Andre Drummond. I believe (if my memory serves me correct) last season both Tom Gores and Dwane Casey said they want to build around Griffin, so at this time I do not think they will move him. If they get an offer to good to pass up, then all bets are off.

In Detroit, the city already has two rebuilding sports franchises the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings and despite what general manager Bob Quinn said the Detroit Lions are also rebuilding at least on the defensive side of the ball.

For the Pistons with and older roster, this is the right path to take. By trading a star and getting current players already on NBA rosters, prospects and draft picks the Pistons position themselves to get better sooner. What will speed that up more is after the season when the team has expiring contracts off the books and can go after big name free agents, like Gores has always wanted to.

Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores speaks about the direction of the franchise

Embed from Getty Images At 21-28 the Detroit Pistons season has been rough. There is talent on the roster. Team chemistry seems to be an issue. With only Blake Griffin playing consistent basketball, Owner Tom Gores finally spoke.


“We have to look at all possibilities — that’s just the way it is. Not specifically with those guys, but in general,” Gores said. “Our responsibility, in general, is to move this team forward; we have to look at everything.’


Gores also insisted he has not lost faith in the team. But he also acknowledged The team may need to make changes as the NBA trade deadline is approaching. Leaving fans to scratch their heads. If Gores still has faith why make moves?


“We want to win. Nothing’s changed; we want to make the playoffs,” Gores said. Another off the cuff comment. His team is under .500 and he is still talking playoffs? How about the team gets to .500 first? Set small goals first.


The Detroit Pistons are currently in a  8-21 stretch. Needless to say that is just about abysmal. Gores was asked if he would be willing to trade Andre Drummond and or Reggie Bullocks. His response was they will   “look at all possibilities.” Which is a bit surprising as for years the Pistons have tried to put players around the talented Drummond.


Clearly Tom Gores has not given permission for the team to tank for a high draft pick. He feels the Pistons window is now. In some aspects that is that is well and good. In some aspects that is somewhat delusional. In order for the Pistons to have any shot of the playoffs the roster needs to be overhauled.


Fan favorites need to be shipped out. It is nothing personal. It simply is not and has not worked. On paper the 2018-19 Detroit Pistons looked and still look like they are a playoff team. But team chemistry is everything in sports. The Pistons have a severe lack of chemistry and it is showing on the court and in games.


The blame is equal. Head and assistant coaches, players something is not working. It is time for the Detroit Pistons to take an honest look at themselves and figure things out.

Detroit Pistons: next step is huge

Embed from Getty Images The Detroit Pistons, brought in senior adviser Ed Stefanski  last week. He is being tasked to bring in the teams next general manger. This is a critical next step Detroit must get right.

Weeks after Detroit Pistons, owner Tom Gores fired head coach, team president and general manager Stan Van Gundy. He reached out to other NBA owner to find a person who would oversee the hiring of important front office personal. Ed Stefansky was the overwhelming name that Gores contiuned to hear.

Stefansky, has helped the Lakers, 76ers and L.A. Clippers, rebuild their front offices in recent year. He has the reputation of knowing the dynamics need to run a team. He has a knack for finding general managers who few people have heard of and let them grow into the position.

Tom Gores, has point blank to Ed Stefansky, to bring in a general manager first. Names like Shane Battier and Jerry Stackhouse are being tossed out for the position. I am sure there will be other names as well.

This is a HUGE must get right moment for the franchise. The general manager will bring in his head coach. It is very possible Stefansky will have a say in who that coach is given his sparkling resume on turning teams around.

Detroit Pistons fans, can be somewhat happy in the fact that Gores is actulayy seeking help for his team. Not only help. But proven help. It will be interesting to see where Ed Stefansky leads the Detroit Pistons. It is a safe bet it will be in a better place.

Detroit Pistons: Van Gundy era must close

Embed from Getty Images Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores, reportedly wants Stan Van Gundy back as his head coach. But Gores, also wants wholesale changes made to the front office and Van Gundy’s coaching staff. Stan Van Gundy, is refusing.

It is more clear now then when the curtain closed on the 2017-18 Detroit Pistons season. Stan Van Gundy, and the Pistons must separate. Soon.

When any owner and coach disagree on strategies and personal decisions the end is near. Van Gundy, has one year left on his contract. So it would be no harm is letting him go.

It is clear the team needs a fresh direction. From front office employees to general manager as well as head coach. Things get a bit tricky as the Detroit Pistons, do not have a first round draft pick due to trading for Blake Griffin.

This is a time for Tom Gores, to step up as a leader and usher in a new era for the Pistons. If Van Gundy, is willing to let his pride be his downfall then Gores should oblige.

Detroit Pistons fans deserve more than a coach who’s thinking is out of touch with today’s game. It will also help to bring new fans to the team. In short the Detroit Pistons need a do-over.

Detroit Tigers: keep an eye on Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores

When Chris Ilitch took over as owner of the Detroit Tigers he said he was not going to sell the team. Stating his love for baseball. Times and circumstances change.

Tom Gores billionaire owner of the Detroit Pistons had struck a deal with Chris Ilitch and the Pistons play at Little Caesar’s Arena. It may not seem anything but two men striking a business deal.
There are now loud whispers Ilitch would like to sell the Detroit Tigers. The two Detroit area businessmen met at least two times last summer at Comerica Park no less.
Gores has even used language referring to the Tigers as “a beloved franchise.” He is said to be more than interested. Further more, Ilich is said to be waiting for an offer from Gores.
Chris Ilitch has no intentions of selling the Detroit Red Wings as they were his fathers pride and joy. Not to mention the family would like to hold onto the team that plays in an arena build by Iltich inc.
The city of Detroit and Tigers fans all over will be paying attention to see if and how this unfolds. Only the two businessmen know if there was any deal involving Little Caesar’s Arena, the Pistons, and the Tigers that may shape any future purchasing of the team.

Detroit Pistons Chauncey Billups general manager?


Embed from Getty Images Depends if you believe and who you believe. The New York Times ran an article that said Detroit Pistons ownership (Tom Gores) expressed interest in bringing  former Pistons fan favorite Chauncey Billups in as general manager.

Mr. Gores has stated he will sit down with current Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy after the season to discuss the direction of the team.
Meanwhile, Billups was rumored to be close last NBA off season to being named general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers. That never materialized.
Billups refuted the Times article. But, time will tell. It would be a bold move. Given the fact Chauncey Billups has no front office experience.
There is no real way to know if he could scout unless he was named to the position. Not to mention how he would handle day to day tasks general managers take on.
If the Detroit Pistons do in fact make a move it would be interesting to see who he would tab to be his head coach.
I’m sure there are a select few who know what Tom Gores is going to do. I for one am looking forward to seeing how it plays out. Something has to break the Pistons out of inconsistent play.

Detroit Pistons Stan Van Gundy’s last stand

Embed from Getty Images When the Detroit Pistons hires Stan Van Gundy, he was said to be the guy who would return the Detroit Pistons to the playoffs while leading the charge of more consistent play.

Yet, that has not been the case. Sure the Pistons have made the playoffs under Van Gundy’s  watch. But they simply have not taken the next step. They have even looked lost at times.
I feel the Pistons owner Tom Gores, needs to assess the state of the team. I’m not suggesting replace Van Gundy. It could be something else needs to change. Or a free agent or two need to be added.
Assistant coaches, player personnel, scouting department. Something is not working. Yes. Mr. Gores should look at Stan. After all he’s the guy who was brought in with the high hopes of returning  the Pistons to the NBA post season and positioning them to perhaps something greater. It simply has not happened.
The Detroit Pistons have some soul searching to do. No knee jerk reaction will fix the deeper issues of the franchise. Begin the process and systematically go down a check list. Then make corrections. That process should start sooner than later.
There is talent on the roster. They need to find a consistent balance and go forward. I realize that is easier said than done. But, a billionaire owner should have the resources needed to push forward.