Detroit Pistons: forced to keep roster

Embed from Getty Images The Detroit Pistons, brought in a new head coach. They brought in a young assistant general manager. One they could mold into a permanent front office fixture. signing only 3 free agents and using the draft for roster depth. Because they had to.

Andre Drummond, Blake Griffin, Stanley Jackson, Langston Galloway give the Detroit Pistons hope. That is a good solid group of players. The Detroit Pistons hope they keep producing.

Bad contracts have put the team up against the salary cap with little room to breathe. This team on paper is a playoff team. One problem. Paper does not play games.

There are two key components the Detroit Pistons are hoping will aid the team reach the 2018-19 NBA playoffs.

Dwane Casey- head coach who is know around the league as a player developer. He took a lightly regarded Toronto Raptors basketball team and molded them into a legit playoff contender. He also, lead that Raptors team to the best record in the NBA. Then was for whatever reason fired for it. Raptors players and fans were not happy about the choice to replace a really good head coach. The Pistons, were thrilled to get Casey.

Health- Could a team have been more snake bitten than the Detroit Pistons were by injuries? The answer is no. Detroit Pistons starters missed chucks of the season. Enter or re-enter I should say former and now new Detroit Pistons trainer Arnie Kander. His job will be simple. Keep the players on the court where they can help the team. Not on a locker room table where they can not.

Bad contracts aside, the Pistons do have a roster that has some very good talent and should be a playoff threat. I fully expect players to be more healthy this season. Yes nicks, bumps, and bruises happen every season. But, players should not miss 30 some games because of them.

In short the Detroit Pistons are a playoff contender on paper. Pistons fans and front office hope the paper does not crumple up.

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