Michigan Wolverines: better days coming

Embed from Getty Images Jim Harbaugh, brought in to be the coach to return Michigan football to the forefront of college football. For 3 years Harbaugh has been building his program. This season Michigan very well could unleash.

He is viewed as quirky. Known to throw a wad of chewing tobacco in his mouth on the sideline. Satellite camps for recruiting. Sleeping over at a recruits houses.

Jim Harbaugh has a terrible record against the Wolverines major rivals Michigan State and Ohio State. Do not be fooled. He is a brilliant coach. With the Michigan Wolverines nearly up to his specks it is only a matter of time before they catch their foes.

In his first two seasons at Michigan he lost a large amount of players. Yet, Harbaugh and his coaching staff managed to keep the team in most games.  That should not be overlooked. I have little doubt Big 10 coaches know this.

Last season the Michigan Wolverines finished 8-5. Yet that looks like it will be a bridge season. To a brighter Michigan football team. This seasons schedule is brutal. Harbaugh has the track record and motivation.

Teams should enjoy beating Michigan right now. Because those days are about to come to a sudden stop. Jim Harbaugh enter the season ranked #14 nationally.

The Big 10 East, is a juggernaut. It should be a fun 2018-19 NCAA college football season.

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