Detroit Lions: so long Golden Tate

Embed from Getty Images The Detroit Lions were never going to give a 30 year old wide receiver a contract extension. General manager Bob Quinn is following the New England Patriots way of doing business. Keep a player on his rookie contract or until 30 and bring in new players.


Golden Tate was the Detroit Lions most productive receiver since Calvin Johnson. Tate excelled in yards after catch (YAC) in fact he is the best in the NFL.


At 30 years old according theĀ  Patriots Golden Tate is past his prime. Thus when the Philadelphia Eagles offered a third round draft pick Bob Quinn jumped. It is a good value trade.


It is both the right move for the Lions to make and it is frustrating for fans as Tate was a big fan favorite. The Lions could have justified giving Tate an extension. Because that was not going to happen they made the safe deal.


The trade leaves Detroit somewhat thin at receiver. Marvin Jones and Kenny Golladay are both lethal and offensive fixtures. Bob Quinn has made two in season trades and signed a free agent linebacker.


Why? In my opinion, Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia have their sights on 2019. This was always going to be a transition season as far as players learning a new coaching staff. As well as a coach knowing what personal he wants.


It is also my opinion that Quinn will be looking to draft longtime Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford’s replacement in the next two NFL drafts. Trades are always unsettling and there is a fear of the unknown. But in order to keep the team young and headed in the right direction the moves will continue.

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