Detroit Lions: the wheels have come off

Embed from Getty Images In a season with much promise. The same old Detroit Lions have emerged. The team that can not block, can not tackle and can not coach. This is the opposite of what general manager Bob Quinn actions were taken for.


Detroit Lions fans were told Jim Caldwell was fired and Matt Patricia was brought in to get the team over the hump. Fail. There will be no 9-7 finish this season.


The Detroit Lions have taken not one or two but three or more steps backwards. Not ideal for general manager and first year head coach. It gets worse though. The team is getting out everything gameday.


Other than Kerryon Johnson, Quinn’s draft picks have been close to awful. Both the offensive and defensive lines are a total mess. Even quarterback Matthew Stafford has looked lost at time. When he is actually on his feet and not the ground from yet another sack.


I am not sure where the blame falls. Fans are pretty divided. Some say Quinn some say Patricia. I would like to toss in team owner Martha Ford who sign this clown show on.


Trading Golden Tate was the right move. The problem was in doing so there was no replacement on the roster. I am at a loss for where this team is. But more than that how pathetic they look.


I am not sure if the team has quit on Patricia. They seem to be playing hard. It also seems like the talent gap is huge. Detroit sits firmly planted in last place with a national t.v. game Thanksgiving Day with the Ford family in there luxury box.


It would be great to be a fly on the wall. Or in late November in Michigan a snow flake. The Lions were supposed to be a fringe playoff team. Not one that is joining the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers in a rebuild.


The Detroit Lions have been a mess since 1957. At this rate the Tigers and Red Wings will return to competitive play long before the Lions. Maybe that is it. Maybe the Fords should sell the Lions to Tigers and Red Wings owner Chris Ilitch.

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