Dylan Larkin ready to lead the Detroit Red Wings

Embed from Getty Images If there was any question who the next captain of the Detroit Red Wings would be that question has been answered. The Red Wings are woefully bad. But young players have taken HUGE steps forward. One player stands above all.

After the worst loss of the season 8-1 at home to Montreal, young Detroit Red Wings center was seen on the bench starting at his teammates in a moment of total anger and frustration. Larkin took his helmet off and slammed it on the ground. He walked up the tunnel to collect himself before rejoining the team.

Asked about it after the game Larking stood before the Detroit media and said “I was not happy with my performance or the teams effort. It starts with me.” Just like that a captain was found. Not that Dylan Larkin was not going to be the guy.

Enjoying a fantastic season on a personal note. With 26 goals and 61 points in 63 games. Larkin is one of the NHL’s best young players. He leads by example. He also leads by his words.

After Henrik Zetterberg retired, Detroit said no one person would be named captain for the 2018-19 season. Fair enough. As the season started and has gone along Larkin has separated  himself from the rest of the really good young talent in Motown.

He has stood in front of the media most nights after a loss like a pro as he explained the reason for another loss. That is something captains or a veteran player does.

The Detroit Red Wings are on the doorstep of being very good again. With just under $18 million in cap space this Summer Detroit is sure to add some solid veterans to go with their young core.

The Red Wings will add players. They will get better. They many even skate for a Stanley Cup soon. They will do so under captain Dylan Larkin’s watch. That is very good news for Detroit hockey.

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  1. Can I just say what a relief to find a person that truly understands
    what they are talking about? Great job!!!

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