The Detroit Pistons could make some noise in the playoffs

Embed from Getty Images The Detroit Pistons, have only been to the NBA playoffs once in the past nine seasons. The Pistons are clearly a flawed basketball  team.  But they can bolster their playoff chances by simply continuing to play the way they have in recent weeks.

Ranking 29th in the NBA in both effective field goal rate as well as true shooting percentage through February 1. Since Feb. 2, though, the club has jumped into the top five leaguewide in both categories. A big change of pace for the Pistons to be sure. The team has found it’s footing.

In the early part of the season the Pistons relied too much on Blake Griffin. Over the past month the Detroit Pistons are more balanced. Andre Drummond has looked better than ever simply by getting back to the basics near the rim also  Reggie Jackson has finally found some consistency and has found his shooting touch.

While no NBA team scores fewer fast break-away points that Detroit, it comes as a somewhat pleasant surprise that the team is actually shooting better since trading Reggie Bullock. That does not usually work that way when the best shooter is traded.

One thing that also hurts the Pistons is a real lack of depth at key positions. All it takes is a cold night shooting the ball and Detroit would be unable to recover. One thing remains, Detroit has at 87% playoff probability. The team also has an easier path to the playoffs thanks in large part to a softer schedule coming down the stretch.

The Pistons’ defense has been solid all year.  Pistons could reach the playoffs at below .500 and still be favored in the first round. The defense and Griffin, Drummond and Jackson give Detroit a solid 3. These three players would also mean Detroit would have a real chance to advance to the second round.

For a team up against the salary cap that would be a major accomplishment.

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