Michigan State’s Tom Izzo and Michigan’s John Beilein agree

Embed from Getty Images Not only are Michigan and Michigan State rivals, they are in-state rivals with rabid fan bases. Thanks to the expanded conference slate the two schools meet twice a year because it is a “protected rivalry game.” Now both Tom Izzo and John Beilein want to take it to the max.

“Like football season ends with Michigan and Ohio State, I want to see our season end with Michigan State every year.” Michigan Wolverines head coach John Beilein said. Spartans head coach Tom Izzo¬† is in full agreement.

Before this seasons bump to 18 games Michigan State and Michigan met just once during the regular season. For a rivalry that is the Big Ten’s version of North Carolina and Duke (who meet every season on the last regular season game) that is where the Spartans and Wolverines should go.

“The atmosphere that surrounds this game is electric,” Izzo said. “This should absolutely be the last game every season,” he continued.

Both Tom Izzo and John Beilein will plead their case to the head of the Big Ten basketball committee. God willing they will agree. The conferences two top basketball programs should be spotlighted.

There should be no issues with making this the season ender every season. Yet, it is difficult to know exactly what the powers that be will agree with, and what they will not agree with. Although this seems logical.

Michigan State and Michigan is golden for t.v. ratings , something that is important to the conferences. It is sure to be taken into consideration as the two coaches go before the committee. Also just how electric the crowds are will be looked at as well.

This should be a slam dunk. Pun intended.

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