Daniel Norris is finding consistency and the Detroit Tigers are happy

Embed from Getty Images Oft injured Detroit Tigers pitcher Daniel Norris was always thought of as a pitch who could…if only. Daniel, has always been thought of as a middle of the rotation pitchers. Inconsistency and injuries have kept him from reaching his potential. Until this spring.

Daniel Norris fresh off of three scoreless innings against the Boston Red Sox starters, has Daniel Norris and the Detroit Tigers satisfied with how far the pitcher has come.

Norris finally over three injury plagued seasons has made an adjustment to his overall pitching delivery. It has helped the pitchers velocity. A velocity that now sits 90-93 mph according to spring training radar guns.

Heading into spring training Norris was both a question mark and he was uncertain to make the final cut. Thanks in large part to promising young pitchers in the Detroit system. Daniel Norris would have to earn a spot.

Norris’s spring resurgence has put him in the conversation to break camp with the Tigers and not be assigned to Toledo. Once a starting pitcher. Detroit is looking to place the left hander in the bullpen.

In part this would help to keep the pitcher healthy. As he would only pitch a 1-3 innings. This way he can better serve the team.  Detroit manager Ron Gardenhire is going to let the pitching sort itself out.

Starter, relievers, closer. Gardenhire said all decisions will be made in the best interest of the team. Daniel Norris does not care when and where he pitches from. The fact that he has been rapidly improving is positive.

The fact that after a few rough spring outings, Norris is even in the Tigers pitching plans is remarkable. He seems to have a new found confidence with his consistent performances. Daniel Norris has worked hard to get full extension on his delivery.

Being a team player, Daniel said he talked with Gardenhire and Tigers pitching coaching Rick Anderson about his role. “I told them I just want to help the team.”

Finally healthy, finding consistency Daniel Norris is ready to help his team.

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