Thon Maker has been a solid addition to the Detroit Pistons

Embed from Getty Images Sometimes for a variety of reasons a player drafted by a team does not fit in well. That was the case for the Milwaukee Bucks, Thon Maker.  The former first round draft pick never found solid footing in Milwaukee. He was acquired last month by the Detroit Pistons.

Thon Maker, made his NBA debut October 30, 2016, against ironically enough the Detroit Pistons. He would record one rebound in the game. A pretty disappointing debut for a top 10 draft pick.

Having struggled to find his game Maker had his minutes greatly reduced. Reduced to the point that Thon Maker, a player who had and still has all the tools to be a top NBA center, was no longer a starter for the Milwaukee Bucks.

February 7, 2019 Maker was shipped to the Detroit Pistons. “He’s been great.” That is what Blake Griffin recently said. Thon Maker plays with great energy. It lifts the team when he enters the game. Playing behind Griffin, Maker has found a home.

It is somewhat baffling Milwaukee would give up on the 22 year old after just two and a half season. While Maker does play out of control at times and should be limited to dunking the ball and the occasional 3-point attempt. Maker’s defense has been solid.

A change of scenery has been just what the Doctor ordered. “The young man is hungry.” Detroit coach Dwane Casey said. It is not like Detroit and Casey’s system was the magic potion that suddenly ignited Maker’s play.

Rather it seem like it has been a culmination of things. First off Thon Maker was not a Detroit Pistons first round draft pick. Secondly, Maker has indeed found a home in Detroit coming off the bench during the second shift. So the pressure of not starting is not there.

Dwane Casey, is known as a coach who has a firm understanding of his players and the team dynamics the players fit into. In the case of Thon Maker, Casey has done it again. Putting the big man in position where Maker can both excel and help the team.

Thon Maker’s all-around play has helped the Pistons playoff push.

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