Healthy once again Miguel Cabrera is ready to lead the Detroit Tigers

Embed from Getty Images “I feel good. And I want to feel that in the season.” Miguel Cabrera is ready for the 2019 Detroit Tigers season to start. Having missed three and a half months of last season due to a ruptured biceps, Cabrera hit his fourth home run of the spring.

Miguel Cabrera, once one the most feared hitters in major league baseball, is looking like he has turned the clock back this spring. Hitting the ball with extreme force. He is pulling the ball with power. “Not long ago people were saying, “What happened to his power?” Tigers general manager Al Avila said. “He still has it.”

Miguel said he feels good going into this season. Better than the past two injured filled seasons. Cabrera, looks like he has a fresh spring in his step this spring. He is healthy and stated that is his goal. To stay healthy all season.

Scouts, general managers as well as opposing players have noted Miguel Cabrera looks good this spring. Very good. One manager said “You knew he would not end his career on a down note. Proud athletes never do. He is going to be a handful at the plate again this season.”

It is not the four home runs that has people talking it is the fact he is hitting over .300 and leading the Detroit Tigers in doubles and R.B.I.’s not too mention Cabrera is hitting the ball all over the field again.

Miguel Cabrera is 35 home runs away from 500 for his career. If he does indeed stay healthy that is doable this season. One thing to remember, when Cabrera has been locked in, in the past teams walk him. This season that may not be ideal as he will have Nicholas Castellanos and Christian Stewart hitting in front and behind him.

A healthy Miguel Cabrera does not add more wins to the Detroit Tigers outlook in 2019. Nor does it change the fact Detroit is still mid-rebuild. It does give fans something to watch and cheer for. As they wait for pipeline players to make their way to Comerica Park.

If Miguel Cabrera does stay healthy, he would be a good bet for American League Comeback Player Of the Year.

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