The Detroit Lions have one really big need to fill

Embed from Getty Images T.J. Land, Detroit Lions right guard retired. Leaving a rather big hole to fill on the offensive line. Kenny Wiggins is the assumed starter. One problem, Wiggins has struggled when he has been on the field.

If the Detroit Lions kicked of the 2019 season today Kenny Wiggins would be the right guard by default. Even as poorly as he played last season. Right guard is a dire need for the Detroit Lions at this time.

It seems it would be a total disaster to put Wiggins in a starters role. Last season the Detroit Lions ranked 18th in adjusted line yards up the middle and an awful 30th at right tackle last season.

Lions general manager Bob Quinn did sign free agents Oday Aboushi and Andrew Donnal. They were both not much betterthan Wiggins last season. In the 2019 NFL draft the Detroit Lions did not draft a single offensive lineman.

Leaving two thoughts. Either the Lions believe in Kenny Wiggins more than any media member or fan, or the team has simply chosen to take a loss at right guard this season. What ever is the case, Detroit will struggle again on the right side of the offensive line once again this upcoming season.

It will hurt the Lions in terms of play-calling. To have true balance in any offense. Plays must be run to the left, middle and right side regularly throughout the course of a game. With one side of the line weakened it severely hamper the offense from reaching their full potential.

Right guard needs to be addressed by the Detroit Lions during offseason workouts and fall training camp. To head into the season as is would not end well.

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