Mother’s Day 2019

Embed from Getty Images “As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you.” Isaiah 66:13

It is Mother’s Day, a day to reflect on the goodness, teachings, punishments, kindness the mom’s everywhere have passed out and down in our lives. Mother’s are God’s way of making us all part of the team.

Let us take a closer look, mom’s goodness is better than any championship that can be won. It takes us to a place that no matter the words that have been spoken against us, meet us and cheer us up. What a great cheer-leader mom’s can be.

Thank God my mom taught me that sometimes, life can hit hard. You can either get up or get a 10 count. My mom taught me it is better to stand and fight and come against things that hamper myself, family or someone else. Mom’s generally have a big picture view of all aspects of life.

Sometimes, the worse punishment was getting “the mom look.” You know the one I am talking about. You have done or said something that probably sides on the side of stupid or inappropriate. Then harder than any linebacker can hit she shoots you this death glare that you hope is directed at someone else, until you realize there is no one in the room but you and her. But, I am grateful for the punishment I was handed out. It helped me refocus, so mom’s can be great coaches.

Above all, a mom’s kindness is greater than any post-game handshake. Her kindness is part love, forgiveness and teaching. Without that the game is lost.

The mom’s in my life are all extraordinary ladies. They all let the light of God flow into the lives of their families, weather they know it or not. On Mother’s Day, it is important to give mom breathing space, after all she has earned it. Maybe take in a baseball game and reflect how mom’s teach us how to be good sports and good teammates.

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