The Detroit Tigers hired A. J. Hinch to manage what it means to the organization and rebuild

When NHL’s Detroit Red Wings hired head coach Scotty Bowman to lead the team to the Stanley Cup he did. That was in the early 1990’s. The Detroit Tigers hired A. J. Hinch to manage the the team to the World Series which he very well could. The Tigers were and are willing to take a temporary PR hit because they have big picture goals in mind.

With the final out of the 2020 World Series and the Los Angeles Dodgers victors, A. J. Hinch’s one year suspension from MLB was over. Now Hinch has to live with and answer lots of questions about the Houston Astros cheating scandal of which Hinch looked the other way.

Once you allow yourself to move past the mistake in Houston, you will see that A.J. Hinch is a very good manager. One who got the most out of a young Astros team to the tune of a World Series Championship in 2017.

The Detroit Tigers general manager Al Avila and Tigers owner Christopher Ilitch are rolling the dice Hinch can take a young Tigers teams with a top five minor league system and do it again.

What should impress fans of the Detroit Tigers is that A. J. Hinch has a firm grasp of Tigers prospects already. He threw out name after name during both his press conference to announce his hiring as well as one on one interviews that followed.

DETROIT – MAY 4: Exterior of Comerica Park is pictured before the game between the Detroit Tigers and the Boston Red Sox on May 4, 2005 in Detroit, Michigan. The Red Sox defeated the Tigers 4-3. (Photo by Rich Pilling /MLB via Getty Images)

The Detroit Tigers have sent a clear signal with the Hich hiring, the long rebuild is near completion, something Avila and Ilitch hinted strongly at Friday afternoon. There is little doubt that Ilitch who said he will spend money when the time is right is preparing to do so this offseason or next.

There is also little doubt a manager like A. J. Hinch would take a job with an organization that was not willing to bring in top free agents. The Tigers have enter the building stage after just ending the rebuild phase.

Soon meaningful baseball will be played at Comerica Park again. With a manager who knows and has what it takes to win.

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