Why do Christian’s struggle against spiritual attacks?

The way to defeat darkness has been given. Jesus gave the template on how His followers should confront dark days or spiritual attacks, yet many Christian’s fail to apply what the bible offers. Anyone who has walked this earth for any length of time know that bad days come. That is because the devil is an outlaw. Yet, there is hope.

Reading Holy Bible

As a Christ follower I do not pretend to have it all together or that I know more than anyone else. I do read the bible daily and read the entire Holy scriptures every year. All I can attempt to do is point the reader to the word and hope that the Holy Spirit will give breakthroughs that are needed.

Much like us, Jesus was tempted by the devil. He was fasting and the devil made his move. Satan attacks us but this was a different story this was actually Christ. After the devil gives his temptation Jesus utters three words. “It is written.”

Now being fully man and fully God, Jesus did not just leave it at “it is written” He gave some meat, meaning he used God’s word (the bible) against the greatest villain the world has known and will know.

What we find in the book of Job is that Satan though banished to the earth is in heaven, in fact he tells God he was roaming the earth. The point is that Satan had to get permission to attack Job. Why? Because Jesus said in Matthew 28:18 that “ALL authority has been given to me.” Satan has to check in and get permission.

God knew that Job would stand firm in his faith and allowed Job to be given a no good, very bad day. One that tested all of Job’s resolve. In the end Job was restored and blessed even more.

So as a Christ follower I need to ask, when the devil attacks can you fill in the blanks to “it is written?” Do you know God’s words that well? If not start. Begin to read the bible or listen and read along.

My wife and I were been given a Job like day a while back and sought our then pastor and it began a quest to know God better through reading His word. After many years we are much better equipped to tell the devil what God’s word says after “it is written.”

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