Meet artist and photographer Erin Wallace, who will be lending her skills to the Legends Camp

A football camp is about to begin. Not just any football camp mind you, but a camp with former NFL players. The Legends Football Camp, in Clare Michigan is about ready to being two days of fun and incredible insight for camp attendees. Former Detroit Lions and NFL veteran Jeff Chadwick is the founder of the children centered camp. In a camp as big as this volunteers are needed. It is my pleasure to sit down with one volunteer who is and outstanding artist and photographer, Erin Wallace.

Erin Wallace

Erin, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Erin,  ” I have been a photographer for about 15 years and have dabbled in the creative world for my entire life. From music to sewing to most recently encaustic painting. I find much joy in all aspects of art. I am also a wife to an awesome writer (little old me, Brian) and three amazing adult children .”

That sounds amazing! Now let’s zero in on the Legends Camp for a moment, in an event this large what are some of the joys and challenges in taking photos?

Erin ” My favorite is interacting with people, from candid shots of pure joy to the action on the gridiron. Capturing moments of time allows me to bring enjoyment to others. My challenges…. those darn missed shots! But, I always take enough shots that we have really good images. That is coming from a recovering perfectionist.”

What does it mean to you to take time out of your schedule and personal life to volunteer for the Legends Camp or any event.

Erin “For the Legends Camp, I had so much fun volunteering the first time with my husband, that it was a no brainer to come back and do it again. In general, capturing moments and sharing them with others is where I find joy.”

One more question. Do you have preplanned shots you want to take or do you take advice from others and kind of morph your ideas with theirs?

Erin ” Typically with photoshoots or events, the client has an expectation that I, as a photographer, have a plan in mind. For Legends Camp, my expectation is to take a lot of action shots and the interaction with athletes and coaches. I am always open to feedback from clients on any special requests.”

Lotus bloom by Erin Wallace

Again for any camp, volunteers are the backbone. For Erin Wallace who is a very talented artist and photographer, part of her joy comes from the realm she loves. You can contact her for photography or encaustic painting classes here.

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