Legends Football Camp, day 2 in the books

What a difference a day makes. The first day of Legends Football Camp saw middle school age athletes being talked to as well younger children. Day two of the football camp saw the field littered with high school age athletes who were talked to on more of an adult level, as it should be. With older athletes come bigger expectations which means day two was more intense.

It was a sight to behold, watching former NFL players instructing high school football players. Not getting in faces or anything abrasive like that. But coming along the side of the children and working with them. Showing them the proper technique for whichever position they played.

That said players were moved around the field and given the opportunity to see how other position groups function. All the athletes did pre-drill exercises that are designed differently for each position. Meaning defensive linemen did not do the same pre-drill exercise as say quarterbacks.

Once the athletes made it through all the position exercises it was time to breakdown according to position. It was time to learn from former NFL players and hone the skills that each unit on the team needs in order to be a consistent football team.

Athlete attempts a field goal.
photo by Erin Wallace

The Legends Football Camp is very well run. Parents could sit in the bleachers and watch their child learn and grow. Some parents even would interact with some of the legends just seeing if there was anything else that could or would be beneficial as high school football practices are set to begin soon.

The smiles were abound on both athletes and the former NFL stars. One thing that was evident was to not let a mishap get the best of your emotions. A dropped pass is just that. It is not the end of the world. Even NFL Hall of Fame wide receivers have dropped many passes. The point is to shake it off regroup and try again.

Legends Football Camp founder Jeff Chadwick and his staff are to be commended. The camp offers so much to help athletes improve but also it helps with life lessons.

If you or someone you know attended the camp, please drop a comment and share with everyone your thoughts.

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