Fall mean hockey season

Four seasons, four seasons each unique in design. Winter, cold wet grey skies abound for the most part. Spring is the season of renewal and the promise of warmer weather is moving in. Summer hot, cookouts activities abound. Fall this season gives us color, cooler temps, and hockey. That’s right hockey.

Fall happens to be my favorite season. I love the fall colors and the cooler temps powdered doughnuts and apple cider (it’s the Michigander in me.) I enjoy hockey…….. ANY hockey. little kids, high schoolers, college, minor league, NHL. It is a great fast-paced game.

A dramatic photograph of a hockey stick and puck on textured hockey ice. There is plenty of copy space.Click on an

This week saw the puck drop on the 2023-24 NHL season, a sure sign fall is in the air and winter will follow. This year is a bit different for me as I have been blessed to have been asked to cover the Columbus Blue Jackets with full media credentials from the press box.

I have been able to separate the fan in me to be completely unbiased offering a balanced assessment of teams that I have an do write about. It is about finding that balance. There is no cheering in the press box as both home and away teams have representatives.

The view from the box is outstanding the game looks slower from up there unlike in lower bowls of arenas. In covering the Blue Jackets you will get blunt assessments both bad and good without a hint of fandom.

The Undrafted News has given me this opportunity, my goal is to represent The Undrafted News, my family, the Columbus Blue Jackets, and the 5th line well and in a way that is honest and true to the team and the city of Columbus Ohio.

Part of a Day and night series:
Columbus Skyline in daylight showing the Broad Street Bridge over the Scioto River and the Scioto Greenways mile. Several skyscrapers are visible in the skyline including the Ohio Supreme Court and the LeVeque Tower.

Time will tell how this year’s Blue Jackets team will adjust to a new coaching staff and new system. But much like enjoying the leaves changing color enjoy the hockey season.


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