MLB Pipeline released their top pitching prospects, the Detroit Tigers are well represented

Embed from Getty Images With the teardown part of the rebuild complete, the Detroit Tigers now wait for the young crop of players to begin filtering into Comerica Park as early as this upcoming season. That next wave of Tiger players will be lead by pitchers.

MLB Pipeline released it’s yearly list of top prospects at each position. The site also breaks pitchers down to right handed and left handed pitchers, both starters and relief pitchers.

The Detroit Tigers had names littered all over the list. Which gives promise to the future, a future that could be closer than fans think. Al Avila said not long ago the team is now focused on adding players.

Detroit Tigers right handed pitching prospect Casey Mize leads the list of the 10 best right handed starting pitchers. While another Detroit pitching prospect checks in the No.7, Matt Manning.

Detroit Tigers left handed pitching prospect Tarik Skubal is ranked No.4. MLB Pipeline’s Jim Callis said “Few pitchers can match Casey Mize’s combination of stuff and command, which is why the Tigers made him the first overall pick in the 2018 draft.”

Scouts say they have never seen a pitcher command a split-finger fastball like Mize. One top MLB scout said of Mize and the pitch “It is one of the most devastating pitches in baseball.”

Tarik Skubal is considered the “highest riser” in the group of left handed pitchers. Tommy John surgery cost Skubal two year of college baseball, the Detroit Tigers took a chance in the ninth round of the 2018 draft.

The Detroit Tigers absolutely nailed the Skubal pick. In fact they are getting near unbelievable value for the draft spot. The Detroit Tigers are is great position pitching wise as the team also has ranked relief pitchers according to MLB Pipeline.

The Detroit Tigers organization is in a good position going forward. Great pitching prospects a few good bat, not too mention the team has the first overall pick in June’s draft and will look to add another big bat.

Detroit Tigers Double-A pitching is electric

Embed from Getty Images The Detroit Tigers promising pitchers at Double-A are turning heads. The organizations top pitching prospects are for the most part at Double-A in Erie PA, pitching for the Seawolves. The players have bonded together and have built something potentially special in Erie.

While they have their individual paths to Detroit as part of the Tigers’ rebuilding plan, it is what is taking place in Erie that could very well be the spring board to a brighter tomorrow in Detroit.

To find an Erie team this stocked with prospects, one might have to go back to 2001. Matt Manning, Tarik Skubal, Casey Mize and  Alex Faedo, say they all learn from each other because of past experiences. Going through hitters they will face. The pitchers lean on each other to find out what worked or did not work in an at-bat early in a game, or even the game the day before.

Manning, Mize and Faedo all three pitchers were Detroit Tigers first round draft picks. Then mix in Skubal a ninth-round pick last year whose dominant first full pro season landed him in Erie in early July. A move few saw coming at the start of the season,  and half of MLB Pipeline’s top 10 Tigers prospects are in Erie PA, though Mize and Faedo are currently inactive. Mize, Manning and Skubal reside on MLB Pipeline’s top 100 prospects list.

Tarik Skubal has struck out 78 batters in just 39 2/3 innings since being called up to the Double-A SeaWolves. Matt Manning leads the league with 148 strikeouts in 133 2/3 innings and Faedo ranks third with 130 in 112 1/3 innings. They rank first and fifth in WHIP ratio. That is good to say the least.

This is the future Detroit Tigers rotation. The juggernaut team whose success is inspiring hope in the Tigers for the years ahead. Most if not all of these pitching prospects will make up the rotation  next year at Triple-A Toledo, just an hour’s drive away from Detroit.

Yet the pitchers understand and have embraced Double-A as they begin to prepare for the playoffs.

The Detroit Tigers are proving rebuilds are no fun

Embed from Getty Images Having good prospects is well and all, however when the current Detroit Tigers are in a seven game losing streak the prospects seem a long way off. Rebuilds are no fun.

It was never going to be a good season for the Detroit Tigers. But on paper it should not be or have been this bad. The Tigers are getting decent pitching, not great mind you but decent. The Tigers can not hit this season.

When they are hitting no one is on base to knock in. It has not been pretty as of late in Motown. The Tigers currently sit 9 games under .500 and 12.5 back in the standing, good for second to last in the American League Central.

Josh Harrison and Jordy Mercer were brought in as free agents. The hope was that both former All-Star players would add stability both in the field and in the batting lineup. Mercer is hitting .206, with 1 home run and 3 R.B.I.’s. While Harrison is hitting .161, with 1 home run and 8 R.B.I.’s.

It is not on those two players only. But that is just a microcosm highlight of what is taking place this spring heading into summer at Comerica Park. Not good, not fun. Growing pains were going to take place. But this was not the predicted level of pains.

While it is good for the organization top prospects are performing well. Some are also struggling, which is to be expected as they figure things out at a new baseball level.

Yet, fans in Detroit do not care about what is going on in Grand Rapids Michigan, Lakeland Florida, Erie P.A., or Toledo Ohio. It is hard to root for prospects to develop when players that should be developed and are getting paid very well are failing on such a large scale.

But that should be the fans focus. It is the Detroit Tigers front office focus as well. It is all about prospects. Most Detroit area media members want to talk about Casey Mize or Matt Manning or another prized prospect. That is what this season is in Detroit.

Next season will see the arrival of some of those prospects and the sun will shine again. Right now it is dark.

Detroit Tigers prospect Casey Mize wasted no time in being promoted

Embed from Getty Images The anticipation, has been met. Detroit Tigers top prospect Casey Mize needed just four starts at Single-A to show he simply did not belong. The buzz remained. Not just for Mize, but for the organization’s pitching prospects as a whole, including right-handers Matt Manning and Alex Faedo.

“Have you seen what these guys are doing in the minors?” pitching coach Rick Anderson asked the Detroit media last Wednesday afternoon. The Detroit Tigers decided  to promote Mize to Double-A Erie. Casey Mize, 21, allowed one run on seven hits in 26 innings for Class A Lakeland, posting an 0.35 ERA and 0.308 WHIP in four starts. He struck out 25 batters and walked one.

Upon doing so the Eris Seawolves now have Mize, as well as first-round draft picks Matt Manning (2016) and Alex Faedo (2017). It goes without saying Erie has one of the minor leagues’ most formidable starting rotations. “Being part of that rotation is really cool,” Casey Mize said. “I know what we could be capable of.”

The promotion of Mize leaves the possibility he could receive another by the end of the season, to Triple-A Toledo, where he will face more refined hitters, and potentially receive a September, Detroit call-up.  The Detroit Tigers,  though they made an early move, will not push the issue. Only saying they want all prospects to feel good before moving them along in the system.

It is  more likely that Mize pitches with the SeaWolves for the majority of this season, perhaps finishing up with a few starts in Toledo, which in turn could put him in line to compete for a starting rotation with the Tigers next season.

“By the time we get to next year, I think he’ll be pushing the envelope,”  Tigers manager Ron Gardenhire said. The last Detroit the last Tigers pitcher with similar age, ability, and experience  Justin Verlander skipped Toledo entirely.

While things are rough in Detroit. The Tigers minor league prospects are putting on a show. Now with three of the teams top pitching prospects in Erie PA things are looking up for the Tigers even more.


Detroit Tigers prospects giving hope for the future

Embed from Getty Images As the Detroit Tigers rebuild is moving along. The Tigers minor leagues are nearing top 10 status. Yet the 2019 Spring training is giving a look at what will be. Here is a hint. It looks pretty darn good.

This is the first Spring training the Detroit Tigers have had all of their top prospect together. Seasons past found prospects scattered. Some in instructional, some in advanced. The fact that the gang is all together shows how far prospects have come in a short time.

Top Tiger pitchers are in mid season form. Matt Manning has really stood out. In my opinion he will be the staff ace once the prospects invade Comerica Park. Casey Mize last seasons number one overall draft pick would be a staff ace anywhere else. That is a small glance at how deep and good Detroit minor league pitching is.

Alex Faedo, who saw his velocity dip last season looks like he has found his groove again. The problem is where does he fit in? A starter? Possibly. A closer? He would be nasty out of the bullpen late in games. The Tigers will sort that out soon enough.

Then the position players. The one that stands out above the rest is short-stop Wenceel Perez. At 19 years old he can do it all. Slick with his glove and dynamite with a bat in his hand.

Detroit brought in 20 year Tigers short stop and MLB Hall of Fame member Alan Trammell to work with the young infielders. Trammell could be anywhere he chooses to be. He chooses to work with the young players. Not many better for a young player to learn from.

Detroit desperately would like one of the organizations to prospects to take better care of his body. Isaac Paredes. He can hit. Good Lord, can he ever. With a logjam at minor league short stop Paredes will either be placed at third base or outfield.

The Detroit Tigers are getting better where it counts. With prospects. While the parent club will have a bad season the growth of the prospects is what matters most. They are providing what will be a bright future.

Detroit Tigers: prospects getting tough love

Embed from Getty Images In an attempt to prepare top prospects to take the next step. The Detroit Tigers are tutoring pipeline players in Florida. It starts now. It has to.


For the rebuilding Detroit Tigers, player development is taking center stage.  Tigers player development manager Dave Littlefield is spearheading the charge. Noting that this is what is best for the players and the organization. Littlefield should know, He oversaw a Pittsburgh Pirates minor league that went on to push the parent team to solid play.


Growing pains come with every team in every sport. Players come, players go. But when a team is rebuilding and it is all hands on deck. It is paramount development takes place and players begin to play fundamental ball.


In his short call up outfielder Christian Stewart missed the cut-off man and a run scored. Manager Ron Gardenhire was less than happy. Gardenhire said the minor leagues need to get back to basics.


Gardenhire, had seen his fair share of sloppy fundamental ball. And was the one who was voicing both his concern and displeasure. He wondered out loud just what the Detroit Prospects were learning. As the major league manager Gardenhire is well within his rights to have his voice heard.


While there is not enough days to work with and teach all of the Tigers prospects in one offseason. Ron Gardenhire said next season nothing is off the table. That includes in-game benchings.


It is not that mistakes were and are made. That is life. It is and was the fact that players made no adjustments. Sometimes good old fashion tough love is needed. These are the tough love time for the Tigers.


These are the right steps for the Detroit Tigers to take. Better player development as well as tough love. Something needs to break through to the players. The Tigers never really did in-depth player development in the past. It is high time that changes.


The team traded top prospects to win division titles. That is the old way of doing business not only for the Tigers but all MLB teams. Teams have started to put a premium on prospects in order to win and stay on top longer.


That is a much more sound way of doing things.



Detroit Tigers: are losing again and that is a good thing

Embed from Getty Images While I do believe the Detroit Tigers are as bad as their record. I also believe they may be tanking a bit. Giving the franchise another top 5 draft pick in  next June’s MLB draft, and that is alright.


In a week that saw the Tigers finish 1-5 against teams that were suppose to be worse than them. There is little question the tank is on. As I have stated before it is the quickest way to competitive baseball. Like it or not.


It seems the Detroit Tigers front office, has chosen bad unwatchable baseball over wining. For the Tigers too add to an already rising minor league systems this is the best rout for the organization to take. To the dismay of some of the fan base.


In a season that has seen Matt Manning, Alex Faedo, Christian Stewart, Jake Robson, Daz Cameron, Kody Clemens, Isaac Paredes dominate in the minors adding another top 3 draft pick would do nothing more than speed up the rebuild.


Impatient fans will try to say Tigers general manager Al Avila has not done enough or done things fast enough for their liking. That is a joke. In today’s MLB it is all about drafting assets and developing that talent to keep them together for a prolonged playoff run.


It will not happen next season either. The Detroit Tigers, are on a 2020 trajectory for a return to competitive baseball. There is absolutely no reason to rush player development.


There is also no reason to think Al Avila is doing a bad job. Baseball rebuilds take time. When done right, it is well worth the wait. When the season started the Detroit Tigers minor leagues were ranked 30th. They are now #9.


#9 staring at another top 3 draft pick. Detroit is doing this the right way. That is good news.

Detroit Tigers: prospects keep moving up

Embed from Getty Images For all intent and purpose the Detroit Tigers season is over. Losing has final taken it’s grip. The good news though is Tigers prospects continue to shoot through the system.


I go from Franklin Perez to Daz Cameron,  in which player I like more. Both Detroit Tigers prospects came to the organization via the Justin Verlander trade last season. Perez a starting pitcher has been hurt most of this season though still widely considered a can not miss prospect.


Then there is the dynamic center fielder Daz Cameron. Though rated as the Tigers #7 prospect I have him higher. As in #5. He may very well be the centerpiece of the Verlander trade. Cameron went from High A ball, to Double A, Erie Seawolves and today has been promoted to Triple a, Toledo Mud Hens.


Cameron demanded to promotion with his play. In 53 games, Daz is hitting .285,  five home runs and 35 RBI along with 22 stolen bases. Daz Cameron is the son of former MLB center fielder Michael Cameron. Daz is that good.


Also on the move in the Detroit Tigers pipeline is 2B Kody Clemens and OF  Brock Deatherage who are moving from Single A, West Michigan Whitecaps to High A, Lakeland Flying Tigers.


Also on the move is outfielder Parker Meadows. He appears headed from Gulf Coast League to Penn League affiliate. the biggest mover is SS  Wenceel Perez. Wenceel, at 18 years old has made a big impression. Hitting .317 the   Dominican Republic native looks like a tremendous pickup.


Even in a rebuild there is a lot to keep and eye. The Detroit Tigers minor leagues have some very good talent. Talent the will soon find itself on the Comerica Park field.


Detroit Tigers: Prospect update

Embed from Getty Images The rebuilding Detroit Tigers started the seaon with no prospects in the top 100 in MLB. They now boast 5. the breakdown looks like this.

Matt Manning: looks every bit the ace in making the Detroit Tigers thought he was when they drafted him. He shot through rookie ball and is now in high A ball. In 28 innings pitched Manning has 34 strikeouts. He is on track for a 2020 Motown arrival.

Casey Mize: made his long awaited debut striking out 4 of the 6 batters he faced. Drafted as an ace will most likely settle into the #2 spot in the rotaion once in Detroit by 2020. 

Franklin Perez: he has been hit with the injury bug. Still an outstanding prospect still should arrive in Detroit in 2020.

Beau Burrows: Solid thus far. He has hit a rough patch in Erie as he is adding a curve to his pitching tools. Still a sure 2020 bet to make the Tigers.

Issac Paredes: promoted to Double A Erie and promptly hit a grand slam. Paredes became the first player in 20 years to hit double digit home runs in the Florida league. He is on pace to reach the Motor City in 2020.

Daz Cameron: promoted two weeks before Issac Paredes to the Erie Seawolves Cameron showed why many scouts have him as a sure fire all-star.  Batting .305 with 5 home runs and 5 triples while playing electric in center field. Detroit bound by 2020 if not late 2019.

Alex Faedo: Has been nothing short of filthy in Erie. Only walking 12 batters in 40 innings pitched. Faedo is working on a change up. Also 2020 for his Comerica Park debut.

Kyle Funkhouser: was on pace for a September call up when he suffered a broken foot. His season is over. He should make it to Detroit sometime next Summer.

Christian Stewart: due to Detroit front office miscues he is still for no good reason in Toledo. While the Tigers let Victor Martinez finish his career. He should be roaming the Detroit Tigers outfield next season.

Detroit Tigers: the kids are alright

Embed from Getty Images As the Detroit Tigers, have come down to earth. 9 losses in a row will do that. There is good news. Detroit, has moved several top prospects around in the minor leagues.

Having one of the worst minor league systems in all baseball last season. This seasons the Detroit Tigers, systems has gone from being ranked #30 to being ranked #9 this season. Not to shabby.

In a full rebuild, the Tigers had a great 2018 draft. One that will speed up the rebuild. It gets better. This week the Tigers, have promoted many of the teams top prospects. All of them needed to be bumped up. They earned it.

Pitcher Matt Manning, went from A-ball West Michigan Whitecaps, to High- A Lakeland Flying Tigers. He should make around six starts before being moved to the Erie Seawolves Double-A team.

Pitcher Alex Faedo, moved from Lakeland to Erie. In 66 innings pitched Faedo has 58 strikeouts on the season. He was far too good to be in Lakeland and was never going to be there long.

Outfielder Daz Cameron, Also started the season with the Flying Tigers. Last week Cameron, was named Double-A player of the week. He should arrive in Toledo with the Mud Hens, before the season ends.

Pitcher Tyler Alexander, was promoted from Erie to Toledo. He will be a welcome arm in the Detroit bullpen at some point this season.

Outfielder Jacob Robson, also went from the Seawolves, to the Mud Hens. Robson should get a September call up when the MLB rosters are expanded.

Al Avila, and the Detroit front office and coaches are trying to figure out where the prized new draft picks will be placed. All of them including top pick Casey Mize will be putting in work this Summer.

While the Tigers, begin to fade in the standings. The top prospects are being moved up in the system. This is great news going forward.