Detroit Red Wings April fools

Embed from Getty Images Red Wings fans would really like this to be some sort early April fools joke. But, the reality is it is not. Ken Holland, will apparently get his shot to rebuild the Winged Wheels.

For better or worse. There is at this time no word on a contract extension for Holland. That could be intentional. Ownership could possibly see how this years draft goes.
In a very unrealistic thought perhaps ownership wants Ken, the coaches and players for focus on finishing the season before any sort of announcement is made. Fans hope the announcment is that Holland is leaving his general managers position.
Former Detroit Red Wings legend, captain and NHL Hall of Fame member as well as current Tampa Bay Lightning general manager Steve Yzerman recently said “Ken Holland deserves patience.”  Unless he’s talking about tanking Wings fans won’t care about that statment even from a beloved sports figure.
Maybe, Yzerman is right. Ken Holland has architected some very good hockey teams. He has also over spent and has maxed out the salary cap. The real question is can Holland recapture his old magic? The odds are long at best.
I for one was and still am in favor of a fresh start. Detroit’s owner feels this is the best rout to take. We shall see how it plays out. But for now it has left a bad taste in the fan base’s mouth.

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