Welcome home Stevie Y

Embed from Getty Images Perhaps one of the worst kept secrets in the NHL is out. At a 3:00 pm press conference the Detroit Red Wings are set to announce former Red Wings legend, 20 year captain, 3-time Stanley Cup Champion and  NHL Hall of Famer Steve Yzerman as the teams general manager.

The Sporting News broke the news early this morning that former Detroit Red Wings captain Yzerman, team owner Christopher Ilitch and general manager Ken Holland will announce front office changes.

The Sporting News main hockey writer Gord Miller broke the news. In the front office reshuffle current Red Wings general manager Ken Holland will move to senior vice president, while Yzerman will assume general manger duties. Detroit Red Wings fans are in heaven right now. Very few athletes have ever meant more to the city of Detroit than Steve Yzerman.

Drafted fourth overall in 1983, Yzerman played 22 seasons all with Detroit. He is a 3 time Stanley Cup winner with two back to back in 1997 and 1998. Yzerman is a nine time All-Star and has won the Ted Lindsay Award as the NHL’s Most Outstanding Player. Also, Stevie Y has won the Conn Smythe Trophy as the Most Valuable Player in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Frank J. Selke Trophy for best defensive forward is also in Yzerman’s resume and is the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy for sportsmanship.

Yzerman also scored 100 points in six straight seasons. Steve Yzerman was general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning from 2010 until just before this season started when he stepped down to spend more time with his family who live in Detroit Michigan.

Almost immediately after Yzerman announced he was stepping down he became the target of mass speculation that he would end up in Detroit. That only  grew louder throughout the season.

The rebuilding Detroit Red Wings rebuild just got a lot more fun. Young players are set to continue strong play and Yzerman takes over with just under $17 in salary cap space and solid prospects in Grand Rapids.

Steve Yzerman built the Tampa Bay Lightning from the ground up. They enjoyed a highly successful seasons and playoff run under Steve Yzerman. There was never really any doubt he would return to the Motor City. This time he does not have as much work to do as the young Red Wings have developed in a big way.

This is great news for the future of the Red Wings organization. The only one Steve Yzerman loves.

Detroit Lions: Matt Millen needs prayers

Embed from Getty Images Often a punching bag for the Detroit Lions fans. Former general manager Matt Millen is in a battle. For his life. “Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.” Jeremiah 33:6


While it is true that Matt Millen’s time as Detroit Lions general manager is among the worst in sports history. It is also true that Matt Millen is a human. As such it is time for Lions fans to let go of the past.  He is not a bad person.


At just 60 years old. The former Oakland and L.A. Raiders linebacker needs at heart transplant. He faces an incurable disease. To Matt Millen, I would say God is greater than your struggles. But his Christian life allows him to walk forward and not have any worries about his future.


To Detroit Lions fans who once staged a fire Millen rally. I would say let bygones be bygones. He is and has been a terrific football announcer in between his Lions job. His work with the Lions does not define him in any way.


Working this season for the Big Ten Network. Matt Millen announced he needed to step away for health reasons. Millen said of his illness “We’re down 13. Playing defense. It’s getting late.” Also known as I know what I am up against.


In order to do day to day life Millen has endured 38 rounds of chemotherapy. Millen is charming and very kind. Lions fans need to know this about the man. Can we stop and come to an agreement some things are flat out bigger than sports?


To forgive is divine. You have heard it. You may have even said it. It is time to live it. No matter your background. Your belief, your unbelief. Say a prayer in your own space. But do it with a pure heart full of good intentions.


God bless, Matt Millen. He needs it.

Detroit Pistons: head coach before new general manager?

Embed from Getty Images In the good old days owner brought in a new general manager and allowed them to hire the coach they wanted. Tom Gores owner of the Detroit Pistons, does not seem to want that approach.

It seems as if the Pistons have narrowed the head coaching position to Dwane Casey, (formerly of the Toronto Raptor) and Ime Udoka, (assistant coach with the San Antonio Spurs.)

Dwane Casey, has been called a very good communicator with players. While Ime Udoka, is an up and coming coach from the great Gregg Popovich tree. It seems both would be solid choices.

There is one small detail not really being talked about. The Detroit Pistons, still need a general manager. That is usually how it works. Almost never is a head coach hired before the general manager.

There could be a few reasons Gores, has not hired one as of yet.  Perhaps he simply has not found his guy. Or perhaps he is waiting for a member of the Cleveland Cavilers or Golden State Warriors to speak with after the 2018 NBA Finals.

The general manager, is the person who brings in his guy. That way it is all on his shoulders in wins and in losses. Both Casey and Udoka are hot names this off season.

It is possible that Tom Gores, thought one of the coaches would be snatched up and he would like to secure one of them. That would mean the person brought in as general manager would have to agree to the coach they had no part of hiring.

It should be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming days and possibly weeks. I would think there will be a new person calling the shots before the 2018 NBA draft.

Detroit Red Wings April fools

Embed from Getty Images Red Wings fans would really like this to be some sort early April fools joke. But, the reality is it is not. Ken Holland, will apparently get his shot to rebuild the Winged Wheels.

For better or worse. There is at this time no word on a contract extension for Holland. That could be intentional. Ownership could possibly see how this years draft goes.
In a very unrealistic thought perhaps ownership wants Ken, the coaches and players for focus on finishing the season before any sort of announcement is made. Fans hope the announcment is that Holland is leaving his general managers position.
Former Detroit Red Wings legend, captain and NHL Hall of Fame member as well as current Tampa Bay Lightning general manager Steve Yzerman recently said “Ken Holland deserves patience.”  Unless he’s talking about tanking Wings fans won’t care about that statment even from a beloved sports figure.
Maybe, Yzerman is right. Ken Holland has architected some very good hockey teams. He has also over spent and has maxed out the salary cap. The real question is can Holland recapture his old magic? The odds are long at best.
I for one was and still am in favor of a fresh start. Detroit’s owner feels this is the best rout to take. We shall see how it plays out. But for now it has left a bad taste in the fan base’s mouth.