Detroit Lions: draft needs

Embed from Getty Images The Detroit Lions are in the best shape of all the Detroit sports teams. Yet, there is work to be done in order for the team to contend year in and year out.


As the 2018 NFL draft nears. Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn, needs to prioritize the top needs to push the Lions, to be more consistent in all phases of the game. My uneducated list is as follows.

Tight end. Eric Ebron, could not catch the ball consistently and Detroit released him and moved on. In order for the Lions offense to be better balanced a solid tight end is needed.

Defensive end. This group was woeful at best. They could not get the push needed and it hurt the rest of the defensive unit badly at times. To me this needs to be addressed in the first two round.

Running back.  Three years of Ameer Abdullah. Three years the Detroit Lions have been dead last in the entire NFL in rushing. Simply put that is unacceptable. To me this should be a first round choice. In a year of good running backs available why not get one of the best?

Offensive guard. Graham  Glasgow, suffered a sophomore slump. He still played well at times. Now it seems Detroit, is moving him to center. Travis Sawnson is oft injured and when healthy is below average and was not resigned by the team. If the team brings in a new running back how about a new guard to help open run lanes?

So there it is in no certain order. My list of Detroit Lions draft needs. We’ll see how it plays out next weekend.

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