The Detroit Lions and head coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn need to go separate ways

It simply is not working. The Detroit Lions have gone from 9-7 and a playoff football team to being one of the worst teams in the NFL for three years now. To put the blame on just one person is not right. However, there are two people who share equal responsibility general manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia. The Detroit Lions need to move on from both.

The Detroit Lions are a product of Matt Patricia’s vision as well as the players he wanted, his coaching staff he hired and the system he put in place both offensively and defensively. Patricia did have help with players and coach’s from Bob Quinn.

Matt Patricia’s Detroit Lions are not even beating the bad teams. They are getting beaten badly by them. For three years running. The broken record is wearing thin in Motown. Patricia placed a huge bullseye on his back in October when he stated “There was a lot of work to do when I got here.”

DETROIT, MI – DECEMBER 29: Detroit Lions Executive Vice President & General Manager Bob Quinn watches the pregame actives prior to the start of the game against the Green Bay Packers at Ford Field on December 29, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan. Green Bay defeated Detroit 23-20. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

Really? Is the the angle he is going to play? Is that the angle his boss (and friend) Bob Quinn is letting him take? A 9-7 football team does not need a lot of work. That is a team that is closer to being a very solid team than the one Quinn and Patricia have put on the field.

I suspect in the coming weeks or perhaps sooner, Detroit Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp will have to  sit down and figure out what direction she wants to take with a football organization that has been searching for solid footing since 1957.

One thing is clear both Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia need to go. That would most likely mean a total or close to total rebuild for the Lions. Fans are used to that. The next GM and head football coach need to be spot on hires. Ford Hamp can take decades of Lions football deficiencies and prove she is nothing like her father, the late William Clay Ford or more recently her mother Martha  Firestone Ford when they owned the team.

For the Detroit Lions, something has to give, again.

At 0-2 the Detroit Lions need to fire Matt Patricia

DETROIT, MI – NOVEMBER 28: Detroit Lions Head Coach Matt Patricia reacts to a defensive call during the fourth quarter of the game against the Chicago Bears at Ford Field on November 28, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan. Chicago defeated Detroit 24-20. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

The Detroit Lions lost Sunday afternoon to the Green Bay Packers, 42-21. That is 11 straight losses, something needs to be done ASAP to save (if that can be done) the season. It is simple Matt Patricia needs to go. After two seasons and two games Patricia’s coaching record is 9-24-1.

At the end of last season both general manager Bob Quinn and his hand picked head coach Matt Patricia was given by then Detroit Lions owner Martha Ford and win or else ultimatum for the 2020-21 season. So far it does not look good for the tandem.

The Lions have started this season 0-2 with both losses to divisional rivals. While replacing Patricia should take place sooner than later, GM Bob Quinn should be shown the door as well. If one goes they both should. For the fact it has not worked.

The Detroit Lions should start fresh. That means a rebuild. Sure the Lions do have some talented players to build around. Taylor Decker, Kenny Golladay, T. J. Hockenson, Jeff Okudah, Frank Ragnow, D’ Andre Swift, and a few on defense would be keepers if a total change is made.

Getting back to Matt Patricia, it simply has not worked in Detroit. Players have been rumored to not like him and do not give maximum effort for him. Patricia has made many poor coaching decisions that has left fans and Detroit Lions beat writers scratching their heads.

In the last five quarters of play Matt Patricia’s Lions have given up 63 points. Let that sink in. Bob Quinn brought in his friend Matt Patricia to coach a team that posted back-to-back 9-7 playoff seasons under then head coach Jim Caldwell. Because Quinn thought the team needed more.

With only 9 total wins to his name and falling to 0-2 not only on the season but in the division it already feels like this season may be on the brink of a disaster. There is no excuse Quinn and Patricia can come up with. The two friends time in Detroit should be up sooner than later.


The Detroit Lions want players who are ready to play

Embed from Getty Images As you read the headline you probably were thinking “no kidding.” However, with no offseason workouts because of COVID-19, it is importantant the Detroit Lions get the number three pick in the draft right. Not only that but it needs to be a player who can step in a deliver.

An advantage the Detroit Lions and general manager Bob Quinn had was that Quinn and the Lions coaching staff coached in the Senior Bowl. Giving the shutdown of most public events and gatherings this has actually turned out to be huge.

There are some very good defensive players in this draft class. That is good news for a Detroit team needing upgrades in the secondary and at edge rusher. The Lions are in a good position to make a pick or trade down and grab some extra picks.

So what is an example of a player who is and who is not NFL ready you ask? Let’s take Clemson’s Isaiah Simmons. The talented linebacker/safety has been mocked by some to the Lions. But is is an example of while a good player he would need an adjustment time. This to me makes Simmons a less likely player to he headed to Detroit.

While a player who can step in right away and help out and greatly improve the defense is a player like Ohio State defensive back Jeff Okudah. Okudah checks all of the boxes. A big defensive back, quick, will be a shut-down corner. Okudah has great hip control (which is huge for defensive backs) and is a solid tackler. This should be the Lions pick even if they slide back one or two slots.

In this years draft, general managers will be making their selections from their homes due to the current pandemic. Bob Quinn said yesterday any and all trades will be made ahead of the draft for all teams.

Quinn said he has two laptops, two cell phones, three monitors, as well as a big screen T.V for the draft. Quinn said he and the Detroit Lions coaches and scouts are ready for the 2020 draft.

Bob Quinn said as far as he understands there will be an NFL season, but is unsure what that will exactly look like at this time. But it all starts Thursday with the 2020 NFL draft.

Detroit Lions GM Bob Quinn ends any and all speculation on quarterback Matthew Stafford

Embed from Getty Images Rumors are just that. There was a report that broke three weeks ago that the Detroit Lions were talking to teams about trading Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. Detroit Lions general manager said one of the first things he did was call Stafford and assure him the rumors were not true.

Speaking to reporters at the NFL combine, Bob Quinn said, “I called Matthew and said listen, I haven’t had one conversation. I’m not trying- we’re not trying to trade you.”

Matthew Stafford gave the only answer Lions fans and most assuredly team management wanted to hear. “Yeah, I don’t want to go anywhere.” The rumors also stated Stafford was unhappy in Detroit. But again it was just a rumor.

Bob Quinn said that Stafford would be the Lions quarterback for the foreseeable future. “In terms of the whole rumor on Stafford, I think I’ve texted a lot of people here that it’s 100% false, if we need to add a third exclamation point we will.” Quinn concluded.

The Lions are in win-now mode. Matthew Stafford is 32 years old and still has good years in front of him. Unless the Lions trade Stafford and draft a quarterback, he is the guy. There is little to no chance of that happening. If it did then the Lions would enter a full blown rebuild.

As I wrote in a previous blog, the Lions are two good players from being a very good football team. The team has high draft picks and $50 some-odd million in salary cap space. I fully expect this to be a defensive heavy offseason for Bob Quinn as he brings in more talent to help the unit.

Until then please do not read a rumor as the gospel. In fact look at it like a mock draft, the names are right but little else.

The Detroit Lions are a mess and difficult decisions are going to need to be addressed

Embed from Getty Images Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn decided 9-7 was simply not good enough and fired Jim Caldwell. He brought in his own head coach, Matt Patricia to get the team over-the-hump. Two seasons later Bob Quinn’s decision has netted the Detroit Lions a 9-16-1 record.

Putting an NFL team together  is a difficult task, nobody would argue with that. Draft picks can be hit or miss, the same can be said for free agents. Roughly two years ago bob Quinn said, “I think we have more than a competitive team to be competing for championships.”  Quinn missed the mark.

“At the end of the day, it’s wanting to take this team to the next level,” he said, explaining his decision to move on from Caldwell. “To me, that’s winning championships, that’s winning playoff games and that’s winning the Super Bowl.” Quinn placed the blame directly on the shoulders of Jim Caldwell.

Now that the Detroit Lions, Bob Quinn’s version and vision of the Detroit Lions is a failed product, Who will Quinn point the finger at? As of today the Detroit Lions are a whole lot further from the Super Bowl than just two years ago.

Odd’s are good Quinn will not point the finger at Matt Patricia, he would have three pointing back at himself.  The problem was Bob Quinn thinking Matt Patricia was  as good as Bill Belichick maximizing the talent on the team.

Emulating successful coaches as well as franchises is fine in theory. The Lions have one of the worst four defenses in football, by almost any metric. This is the absolute worst Lions defense perhaps in team history. Even during losing seasons the team was at least able to compete. Not this season.

The Detroit Lions defense can not get any pressure on quarterbacks. Three man rushes are a joke. NFL quarterbacks have all the time they need to find the open receiver. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott told reporters after the game Sunday that sometimes he had enough time to read through his progressions TWICE.

That Quinn thought his roster was better than nine wins. The number Caldwell won his last season, which is also the same number Patricia has won in 26 games.  Shows how much Quinn’s estimations were off.

Detroit Lions owner Martha Ford, has some soul searching to do. She must decide if the Lions stay on the current path or not.

The Detroit Lions need to key in some key areas in the draft

Embed from Getty Images While mad dash for premium free agents is over, the focus for all teams is the NFL draft. The Detroit Lions filling some holes still have work to do. Improvements are still needed.

The Lions still have “a couple target points” on their roster to fill, though coach Matt Patricia said last week. “I would say in general from a need standpoint, we’re always just going to try to keep finding good players,” Patricia continued.

Detroit general manager Bob Quin has been known to draft for need. No need to believe he will switch his approach now. If it is not broke do not fix it. That said areas the Detroit Lions need upgraded are:


Cornerback: The Lions still feel light at the cornerback position, It’s been said plenty of times. The need at true CB2 in this years draft. Options are slim unless they take one in the first round.

Tight End: The Lions signed two tight ends in free agency last month, Jesse James and Logan Thomas, but a young game breaker is needed. This is the draft to find that player.  The Lions need more veteran help here, but I certainly expect them to add another weapon in the draft.

Wide Receiver: Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones and Danny Amendola are starters. Then what? Not good solid depth. Detroit must find a young player they can groom for years to come. if they do not address the position at some point   in the draft, they’ll end up paying for it next year.

While the team will look for offensive linemen as well as defensive linemen, I have put a spotlight on the positions I feel are more paramount to be upgraded at this time. The Lions do not need another journeyman veteran. They need ti invest.



After free agency are the Detroit Lions better?

Embed from Getty Images Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn was aggressive. Starting day one of the free agent signing period. Nabbing two of the NFL’s top free agents as well the markets top tight end. The Detroit Lions appeared to be better. Upon further review there are still questions.

The Detroit Lions still need:




Right Guard

Wide Receiver

These are rather large glaring holes that did not get filled during free agencies first week. It is unclear right now, but conventional wisdom says Quinn may look to the NFL draft to fill those needs. He could also use waivers and player cuts to improve the roster.

The question at the moment is, are the Detroit Lions a better team? Adding Trey Flowers helped strengthen an already stout defensive line. Do not get me wrong I am all for bringing in more talent and creating depth. But the Lions had  and have bigger holes to fill.

Nickel defensive back Justin Coleman was a need and Quinn filled it. Detroit had released Nevin Lawson who had been the Detroit Lions nickel back but struggled to find any sort of consistency. Coleman is a big upgrade.

Jesse James TE, was signed because even though Bob Quinn allowed former tight end Eric Ebron to leave as a free agent. Even though Detroit had three TE’s on the roster. The group of tight ends did not improve in dropped passes. James is a player who was used wrong during his time with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Detroit envisions Jess James as a great blocker and a downfield threat. He will have every opportunity to prove he is the guy to break the Detroit Lions run at bad TE’s.

Bob Quinn also signed a right guard who is lightly regarded from the Seattle Seahawks. Oday Aboushi. A solid pass blocker. This seems like a quick fix or a depth move. Aboushi did play under current Lions offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell in Seattle, for those who like to connect dots.

The short answer is no. No, the Detroit Lions are not better right now. With needs at skilled positions. More talent is needed. Detroit can not count on one running back to shoulder the load in today’s NFL. They also can not head into the season with a right guard who by all accounts is a backup.

Not too mention WR and safety. Detroit wants the defense to step up and be the unit that carries the team. That is fine. It works well in New England. But they are going to need offensive players who can move the chains and put points on the scoreboard.

Things should become more clear the closer draft day approaches.

The Detroit Lions enter free agency with 40 million in cap space

Embed from Getty Images As the Detroit Lions season concluded general manager Bob Quinn said he was looking to add playmakers for his team. The day he announced that the Detroit Lions had $31,237,788 in available cap space. That changed yesterday when the team released team captain T.J. Lang.

$40 million in cap space is the most money the Lions have had headed into free agency. Ever. Once he took over the general mangers chair Quinn has held money back to give the team wiggle room.

He has used that wiggle room to add players during the season, as well as sign players off the practice squad. It is difficult to cut any captain. But from a business stand point it was the right move.

T.J. Lang had signed as a free agent from the Green Bay Packers two years ago. Injuries has kept him off the field more than on it. At 33 years old and due a large pay raise, the Lions cut bait.

Given Bob Quinn’s insistence to add playmakers some names to remember as free agency starts next week are;

Defensive End, Trey Flowers, New England Patriots, One of the best pass rushers on the open market coupled with Quinn and coach Matt Patrica’s Patriots history is something to keep an eye on. The team is in need for a veteran edge rusher.

Wide Receiver, Adam Humphries, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Detroit is in dire need at slot receiver. Humphries is the best of the free agent bunch. Last season Humphries had a career high 816 yards and 5 touchdowns. Would be a really good signing.

Safety, Landon Collins, New York Giants, It is hard to believe the Giants are not resigning Collins who is one of the best safeties in the NFL. Detroit just cut Glover Quin and would be both a solid replacement and a more athletic player. Collins is the best player in the free agent class.

Detroit will enter free agency with a shopping list. Expect Bob Quinn to fill his cart and prepare his team for a playoff run next season.

Detroit Lions: season review

Embed from Getty Images It was a rough transition for the 2018 Detroit Lions. Going from a steady head coach in Jim Caldwell to new head coach Matt Patricia. What was not mentioned was the team was rebuilding on the fly. What happened was a disaster. A 6-10 record set the team back.


Lions general manager Bob Quinn is going to have to stand before the media and explain why this season did not go as planned. He needs to start with himself. Quinn overvalued his roster. Quinn also failed to provide the roster with quality depth.


Injuries piled up. Sure football is a rough sport and there are injuries throughout the season. But the body count in Motown was too much to over come. The general manager is at fault for not making in season additions to help the roster.


Quarterback Matthew Stafford was awful. For the first time  in his career Stafford did not lead a come-from-behind victory and regressed to the point his future in Detroit is cloudy. 10 years in a two playoff appearances and no playoff wins does not translate well.


Sure Patricia made some boneheaded calls as most first time head coaches do. His defense showed tremendous growth and will enter next season a top defense in the NFL. Patrica’s missteps were not so much that a fully healthy roster could not have overcome.


Quinn traded the Detroit Lions best wide receiver Golden Tate during the season. That is hard to argue with as they got rid of an older player on an expiring contract for a third round draft pick. So that was a good value trade. But it killed any hope of a playoff run.


As the season ended Patrica announced offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter would not be brought back. Perhaps Detroit should look at getting rid of Stafford. Start fresh and really grow the team in a positive direction.


Patrica wants a ball control offense. There is no need for a gun-slinging quarterback when running the ball takes center stage. A player like Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles (who is a free agent after the season) would be a better option for Patrica’s vision. The Lions already have promising rookie running back Kerryon Johnson.


They also have another building block in wide receiver Kenny Golladay. They need to build around these two p[layers in free agency and the 2019 NFL draft. A draft that will see the Lions pick at #8 in the first round.


This is a HUGE off season  for Bob Quinn and Patricia. Quinn must invest salary cap money into impact players. Patrica must nail the hire and bring in the right offensive coordinator. Otherwise, both could be shown the door.

Detroit Lions: Bob Quinn’s master plan

  Embed from Getty Images After posting back-to-back 9-7 records the Detroit Lions are under construction again. Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn let head coach Jim Caldwell go after last season saying he needed a coach to get them over the hump.


The Detroit Lions 2018-19 season has begun with a resounding thud. 0-2 under Bob Quinn hand picked head coach Matt Patricia. I do not believe Quinn targeted this season as make or break for the Lions.


In his third season as Detroit’s chief architect, Bob Quinn began an overhaul of the Lions offensive line. A unit that has yet to gel. However there are young players on the line that need more seasoning.


Kenny Galloday, is a freak and a playmaker. As is rookie running back Kerryon Johnson. Where it gets a bit grey is wide receiver Golden Tate. He appears to be headed out of town after the season when his contract expires.


Quarterback Matthew Stafford, could be replaced by Quinn. That may shock Lions faithful’s. Yet, given Bob Quinn’s New England Patriots background it should not. Patriot players are always viewed as having a short shelf life except at the quarterback position.


In year three Quinn has had ample  time to look over and get to know the roster. A roster that he has been over turning upon his arrival in Motown. Where it gets really bad is on the defensive side of the ball.


Detroit ran a 4-3 defense for years and enjoyed some success. Now it is clear they are switching to a 3-4 as through two games they have lined up in the 3-4 formation 70% of the time. One problem they do not have the proper personal to sustain this defense.


It gets worse when players are trying to learn Patricia’s system during games. It has not gone smooth. There will be more bumps and bruises along the way until Quinn has all of his players on the roster and the players understand where they need to be and how to do their job.


Once young players grow into their roles things should improve IF Quinn has been successful in both draft picks and free agency. This team is still capable of a 6-10 season which is where I had them before the opening week.


It will not be until next season until Detroit Lions front office and fans see what if any fruit Bob Quinn has grown in the Motor City.