Detroit Red Wings: Ken Holland’s demise was a lie

Embed from Getty Images Heading in year two of a rebuild the Detroit Red Wings, needed a solid draft to speed the process up. As the media and fan base had Detroit general manager Ken Holland with one foot out the door. Holland struck back.

Ken Holland, a very proud man. He should be his work as Detroit Red Wings general manager is both legendary and Hall of Fame worthy. Holland, had a few bad years that is no secret. While many thought his best days were behind him the 2018 NHL draft showed everyone Holland is still one of the very best general managers in sports.

Yes the Red Wings, were given two first round draft gifts in the form of Filip Zadina (forward) and Joe Veleno (center.) Then came day two of the draft and Holland reminded Red Wings nation, he’s still got what it takes.

In desperate need of defense starting in round two Holland rolled up his sleeves and went to work. The Red Wings, drafted Jared Mclsaac who at 6′ 1″ is one of the taller Wings defense prospects. Very good skater. Very solid two way player who can quarterback the power play.  Ken Holland stole this pick. Mclsaac was first round talent.

Also in the second round the Red Wings, took another forward Jonatan Berggren from Sweden. He is fast and has a nice shot but will need to add weight before he is Motown bound.

In the third round Ken Holland, and the Red Wings, selected Alec Regula. A player from the Detroit area. At 6′ 4″ he is a towering defenseman. For his size he is mobile and is great passing the puck. He needs to work on not being hesitant with the puck. Grand Rapids bound for sure to sure up his game. The wait will be worth it.

Next defensman Seth Barton, was the Detroit, target in the draft. His game is close to Chicago Blackhawks defender Brent Seabrook’s.  After just turing 18 Barton is headed to college to play and develop his game.

The Detroit Red Wings, thanks in large part to general manager Ken Holland were the big winner at this years draft. Obtaining help for right now and in a few years. The Detroit Red Wings, draft has now  sped up the rebuild Knocking at least two years off the table.

Red Wings, fans should be rejoicing.

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