Detroit sports: Little Caesars Arena does not take paper tickets

Embed from Getty Images Going to a sporting event has moved into a much needed upgrade. With the Detroit Pistons and Red Wings sharing the same home (for now,) paper tickets are a thing of the past.


In my younger days I was guilty of hanging onto my ticket stubs. Lions, Red Wings, Pistons, Tigers. It was an “I was there” statement of sorts. To one day look back and remember something special. I even had a ticket stub box.


Technology, seems to have won. Little Caesars Arena announced they are implementing mobile tickets only. To an older generation of fans this may seem overwhelming. To a younger generation that is phone driven it seems natural. The bottom line is getting into a game.


No more printing the tickets on the way out the door and cursing because the ink is almost dry and your not sure if they will be able to scan them at the door. Thanks to the District Detroit app allows fans to purchase tickets and display them for scanning at the door. It really is a blessing.


Just download the District Detroit app on your devise. I am torn. I grew up in an era paper tickets were the norm. Now there is a new norm. It will take some getting use to. There will be no more holding onto a stub and remembering a Miguel Cabrera home run or a Dylan Larkin goal.


Instead, I suppose I could take a screen shot of the ticket. And remember it that way. The good in all of this is no more forgetting the tickets. As most everyone carries their phone with them. The worry then would be if the phone is charged and as enough juice.


I will not be sad for the good old days when I had proof I was at a certain game. No. I will in turn embrace those times and work on getting up to date with the new ticket policies.

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