Detroit Lions: Matt Millen needs prayers

Embed from Getty Images Often a punching bag for the Detroit Lions fans. Former general manager Matt Millen is in a battle. For his life. “Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.” Jeremiah 33:6


While it is true that Matt Millen’s time as Detroit Lions general manager is among the worst in sports history. It is also true that Matt Millen is a human. As such it is time for Lions fans to let go of the past.  He is not a bad person.


At just 60 years old. The former Oakland and L.A. Raiders linebacker needs at heart transplant. He faces an incurable disease. To Matt Millen, I would say God is greater than your struggles. But his Christian life allows him to walk forward and not have any worries about his future.


To Detroit Lions fans who once staged a fire Millen rally. I would say let bygones be bygones. He is and has been a terrific football announcer in between his Lions job. His work with the Lions does not define him in any way.


Working this season for the Big Ten Network. Matt Millen announced he needed to step away for health reasons. Millen said of his illness “We’re down 13. Playing defense. It’s getting late.” Also known as I know what I am up against.


In order to do day to day life Millen has endured 38 rounds of chemotherapy. Millen is charming and very kind. Lions fans need to know this about the man. Can we stop and come to an agreement some things are flat out bigger than sports?


To forgive is divine. You have heard it. You may have even said it. It is time to live it. No matter your background. Your belief, your unbelief. Say a prayer in your own space. But do it with a pure heart full of good intentions.


God bless, Matt Millen. He needs it.

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