Detroit sports media is a joke

Embed from Getty Images Never in my life have I seen such a negative response to a coach. Never in my life have I seen sports writers who are a joke and quiet frankly and embarrassment to their profession.


Two Detroit Lions beat writers who work at the same news outlet seem to have a vendetta against Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia.


With two (now one) game remaining on the 2018 season they could write about how Golden Tate is doing in Philadelphia. They could write about how Lions general manager Bob Quinn overvalued his roster and depth. They could write about free agency fits for the team.


Was that the focus? No! If it was they would seem like solid reporters. So what did the two Bozo’s write about? Matt Patricia’s tardiness to team meeting and press conferences. No, seriously. Absolutely nothing else to report on.


The two even went on to talk to a former Detroit Lions player. This is like a third grader who saw something and went and told the teacher. What are these two morons trying to get exactly.


They must have a master plan. After all it has been all the talk in their publication for three days. So they must have a prize or something they are gunning for.


Speaking of the publication. Shame on them for not only running the stories. But for allowing these two unprofessional writers to then carry onĀ  social media.


A coach is late this is headline news?

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