In the right move the Detroit Tigers are going back to the smaller “D” on the ball cap

Embed from Getty Images All is right with the world again. Well in terms of Detroit Tigers baseball anyway. Gone is last seasons over sized Old English “D” enter the good old smaller “D.”


Listening to the fans anger the Detroit Tigers have done an about face. Last season they tried to say the larger “D” was a better overall appearance for the Tigers uniform. It was not.


Detroit Tigers fans like tradition. Being one of the original baseball teams they typically do not respond well to change. To change the look of the Tigers caps has never gone well.


In 1994 the Tigers put an orange bill on the away caps. The fans voiced their displeasure and it was gone this next season. 1995 the team tried to change the away cap all together. A tiger crawling through the “D” with an orange bill. Fans were over-the-top upset.


It is a teams right to change uniforms. The Lions have done it several times. The Pistons have as well. But in Detroit where baseball and hockey reign supreme. Where one of the oldest MLB team plays as well as one of the original 6 NHL teams play. Those uniforms are off limits. Just ask the fans.


To Tiger and Red Wings fans. They want their team to have a direct link to the history of the teams and the city. That is why when new things are offered up they have been short lived. Fans like the clean crisp look of the Tigers and Wings logos. Anything that is viewed as an alteration is shot down.


Last seasons hats were by far the worst offering yet. If the 1995 crawling tiger through the “D” did not have an orange bill they could have kept it for a batting practice hat or Spring training cap. As that cap was not nearly as bad as the other offers.


Once again the Detroit fans have spoken. Once again the Detroit Tigers public relations people have listened. The Tigers uniform will once again have the classic look that fans have come to well, love.


It is good to have a passionate fan base. It is equally as good to have public relation personnel who listen when the paying customers speak.

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