After free agency are the Detroit Lions better?

Embed from Getty Images Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn was aggressive. Starting day one of the free agent signing period. Nabbing two of the NFL’s top free agents as well the markets top tight end. The Detroit Lions appeared to be better. Upon further review there are still questions.

The Detroit Lions still need:




Right Guard

Wide Receiver

These are rather large glaring holes that did not get filled during free agencies first week. It is unclear right now, but conventional wisdom says Quinn may look to the NFL draft to fill those needs. He could also use waivers and player cuts to improve the roster.

The question at the moment is, are the Detroit Lions a better team? Adding Trey Flowers helped strengthen an already stout defensive line. Do not get me wrong I am all for bringing in more talent and creating depth. But the Lions had  and have bigger holes to fill.

Nickel defensive back Justin Coleman was a need and Quinn filled it. Detroit had released Nevin Lawson who had been the Detroit Lions nickel back but struggled to find any sort of consistency. Coleman is a big upgrade.

Jesse James TE, was signed because even though Bob Quinn allowed former tight end Eric Ebron to leave as a free agent. Even though Detroit had three TE’s on the roster. The group of tight ends did not improve in dropped passes. James is a player who was used wrong during his time with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Detroit envisions Jess James as a great blocker and a downfield threat. He will have every opportunity to prove he is the guy to break the Detroit Lions run at bad TE’s.

Bob Quinn also signed a right guard who is lightly regarded from the Seattle Seahawks. Oday Aboushi. A solid pass blocker. This seems like a quick fix or a depth move. Aboushi did play under current Lions offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell in Seattle, for those who like to connect dots.

The short answer is no. No, the Detroit Lions are not better right now. With needs at skilled positions. More talent is needed. Detroit can not count on one running back to shoulder the load in today’s NFL. They also can not head into the season with a right guard who by all accounts is a backup.

Not too mention WR and safety. Detroit wants the defense to step up and be the unit that carries the team. That is fine. It works well in New England. But they are going to need offensive players who can move the chains and put points on the scoreboard.

Things should become more clear the closer draft day approaches.

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