Detroit Lions legend: Cory Schlesinger

Embed from Getty Images During his 12 NFL seasons 11 with the Detroit Lions, Cory Schlesinger never ran for more than 154 yards in a single season. He never had more than 466 receiving yards in a single season, during his career Cory Schlesinger scored 14 touchdowns rushing and receiving. Yet, Schlesinger may be one if not the best draft picks in the history of the Detroit Lions.

Cory Schlesinger, a fullback drafted was drafted in the sixth round of the 1995 NFL draft. Schlesinger knew his job  was to block for Barry Sanders through the second half of Sanders’ career, including his 2,053-yard season in 1997. It did not matter that Schlesinger had seven carries that season for 11 yards.

During his playing days the Detroit Lions had some  bad Lions. In 2003, Cory’s numbers were   16 yards and 34 catches for 247 yards. He was named MVP of the Lions offense. A rare award for a fullback to be sure.

Cory Schlesinger, was one of the biggest fan favorites during his playing career. Fans loved his passion and the way he went about his job. Detroit is  Blue Collar city. So was Schlesinger’s playing style. In fact, Cory Schlesinger’s jersey can still be spotted at Ford Field during Lions game days.

Cory Schlesinger gave everything he had on the field. Making him not only a Detroit Lions fan favorite, but an icon of the team and a Detroit Lions legend.


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