Star Wars: what is going on with the Death Star in “The Rise of Skywalker?”

Embed from Getty Images Could it be Yavin 4? Could it be Endor? That is what fans first thought was when “The Rise of Skywalker” teaser trailer was  finally released. There is a clear shot of Rey looking out at a chunk of what is could be the second Death Star from 1983’s “Return of the Jedi.”

In a new book from famed Star Wars author Timothy Zahn, “Thrawn: Treason, the book may and I stress may offer some clues. An excerpt from the new new book has been released and Star Wars fans now know, Palpatine, Thrawn, Director Krennic and Grand Moff Tarkin were together. Palpatine put Thrawn in charge of a massive project.

Perhaps the Yavin 4 or Endor is the wrong thought. What if Rey went somewhere else entirely like where the very first Death Star protocol was? What if the very first Death Star either was not up to standards and crashed as they worked on perfecting it? Or it was complete and it was destroyed to get rid of evidence?

Those rabid Star Wars fans also know that as part of cannon, Emperor Palatine and Thrawn have a close connection. Thrawn also helped get the First Order up and running. The same First Order that is chasing Rey and company.

It is also known Thrawn has extensive knowledge on many unknown regions. Including Jakku. Which all leads to a very interesting question, With Thrawn’s deep history and place in the Star Wars universe, with Emperor Palpatine seemly set to make an appearance in “The Rise of Skywalker,” Could Grand Admiral Thrawn also make an appearance?

That would please a very scared fan base. It would also set up what could be the next wave of Star Wars stand-alone films. The Thrawn trilogy. I know I said trilogy right after stand-alone. Disney/Lucasfilm could break the films up into three stand alone films and not run an entire trilogy.

Whatever happens, the plot has thickened. That is the great thing about Star Wars in my opinion, it lets the imagination run wild.

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