Disney Plus’s ‘The Mandalorian” is the top streaming TV show

Embed from Getty Images It was never going to be easy to dethrone Netflix original streaming show “Stranger Things,” which enjoyed a 21 week run as the top streaming show. Yet, in three short weeks Disney Plus has stuck gold with the Jon Favreau, created Bounty Hunter show “The Mandalorian”  from some place in the Star Wars galaxy.

Parrort Analytics measures “demand expressions,” it is a company that standardized TV-demand. The company looks at desire, engagement and viewership as weighed by importance.

From November 17 through November 23 “The Mandalorian” had over 100 million viewers. Compare that to Netflix’s 81 million viewers for “Stranger Things.”

The Jon Favreau hit show is offering Star Wars fans some real hope as to the future of the beloved franchise. As Favreau and Dave Filoni, are said to be taking over all things Star Wars.

“The Mandalorian” is not simply a hit with Star Wars or Disney fans. It is a hit with critic’s as well. The streaming show has a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes through three episodes.

The show which premiered November 12, shot up the streaming chart, due in large part to a solid story and a strong cast. Die-hard Star Wars fans like the fact that a different story is being presented. It is a total departure from any of the franchises films to date.

Sure there are Jawa’s. Not the kind in the movies. “The Mandalorian” Jawa’s have red eyes and wear charcoal colored cloaks, not the yellow eyes and brown cloaks we see in the Star Wars films. Then there is the baby Yoda character that has put the fan base in a frenzy.

Again, to say Star Wars fans are pleased that Disney is handing the galaxy over to Favreau and Filoni, is an understatement. These two director, animator, actor are HUGE Star Wars fans and make no bones about it. In my opinion, this is both a solid move and a move that will help drive Star Wars into a brighter future.

If you have not seen “The Mandalorian,” you need to. The Force is strong with it.

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