Detroit Lions GM Bob Quinn ends any and all speculation on quarterback Matthew Stafford

Embed from Getty Images Rumors are just that. There was a report that broke three weeks ago that the Detroit Lions were talking to teams about trading Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. Detroit Lions general manager said one of the first things he did was call Stafford and assure him the rumors were not true.

Speaking to reporters at the NFL combine, Bob Quinn said, “I called Matthew and said listen, I haven’t had one conversation. I’m not trying- we’re not trying to trade you.”

Matthew Stafford gave the only answer Lions fans and most assuredly team management wanted to hear. “Yeah, I don’t want to go anywhere.” The rumors also stated Stafford was unhappy in Detroit. But again it was just a rumor.

Bob Quinn said that Stafford would be the Lions quarterback for the foreseeable future. “In terms of the whole rumor on Stafford, I think I’ve texted a lot of people here that it’s 100% false, if we need to add a third exclamation point we will.” Quinn concluded.

The Lions are in win-now mode. Matthew Stafford is 32 years old and still has good years in front of him. Unless the Lions trade Stafford and draft a quarterback, he is the guy. There is little to no chance of that happening. If it did then the Lions would enter a full blown rebuild.

As I wrote in a previous blog, the Lions are two good players from being a very good football team. The team has high draft picks and $50 some-odd million in salary cap space. I fully expect this to be a defensive heavy offseason for Bob Quinn as he brings in more talent to help the unit.

Until then please do not read a rumor as the gospel. In fact look at it like a mock draft, the names are right but little else.

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