Covid-19 showing why living by a list is not always the best

Embed from Getty Images Some of us are list makers. We map out grocery trips, school drop offs and pickups. We write a  list about things we need for vacation or things to do around the house. We leave a list for the babysitter. We jot down what we need for our hobbies or when we see a friend. It goes on and on. Then along came a global pandemic and the list makings came to a screeching stop.

Is there anything wrong with making a list? No. I say that carefully. While on the surface lists are a good idea, they can hold us in captivity. If we make a list and either have to stick to it no matter what. Or feel disappointed with ourselves at the end of the day because one or two things did not get done then our list can creep into idol worship.

It is not that I think all lists are an idol. But lists without allowing flexibility puts us in captivity. Listen there are plenty of things out there to put us in captivity. Words on paper should never be one of them.

Now let’s toss in Covid-19. A small (I kid and in no way make light of the issue at hand) global pandemic that has made mockery of nearly every list out there. As well as calendars. Perhaps, and just hear me out that is a gift from God.

Lists are null and void. Perhaps this is God saying “check with Me, I’ll help you through your day.” As Christ followers that is what we should be doing daily. This allows God’s Holy Spirit to flow through us the way He intended. Something a list puts a blocker of sorts between us and the Spirit of God.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10: 10, again a list is not a thief unless we allow it to be.

In my opinion, God is giving some rather strong clues to His church as to what He expects during this time. One is do not live by lists, live by asking Him. When we do, we may find we have more peace and happiness. That is what He wants and died for us to have.

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