Quarantine date nights ideas

Embed from Getty Images The order “Stay at Home.” Fine we all know this is the smart thing to do. But, keeping the romance ball rolling has become a bit of a challenge. Factor in kids, and it seems like mission impossible. Alas, there are things to do to keep the romance alive. You just have to be willing.

I am in no way, shape or form an art person. Unless you consider stick figures art. Last night my wife and I sat at our kitchen table and Facebook lived a water coloring class. I found it very enjoyable. To sit listen, paint and joke with my wife, make mistakes. It was worth it! Oh and our oldest plugged in headphones and played video games so it was like he was not even there.

Take long walks. Mind you we have two dog’s so this is a bit easier for us I admit. We also have a fenced in backyard so there is a choice to be made. Do I leash and walk one dog and my wife does the same with the other dog, take a long walk while holding her hand? I think yes. It is a good statement to our neighbors.

Sit down and watch a movie together. First and foremost (this is for the guys) ask her what she wants to watch. Guy’s I ask for an umbrella of mercy, we tend to be remote pigs. Let go and let her pick what you watch. It is the little things.

Share what God is showing you. Listen my wife and read through the Bible every year and have since 2007. Yet, God shows me new things every year and usually daily.

Sit with your wife while she does tasks. My wife, God bless her is making masks which are in shortage. It is nothing to go up to our loft and sit with her, encourage her and maybe sneak in a smooch.

Order flower and have them delivered. Delivery is huge right now. Take advantage of it. The person dropping items off wear masks and gloves. They walk it up to the front door ring the doorbell and drive away. Try it, order flowers when the doorbell rings tell your wife you think it is for her. When she opens the door she will be surprised and again there just maybe a smooch involved.

If you have quarantine date ideas, feel free to drop them in the comment box. Until then, look for ways to keep the romance going.

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